May 30th, 2024

Thoughts on the Dec. 3 opinion page

By Letter to the Editor on December 8, 2021.

Re: Readers’ Forum, Dec. 3:
The whole page gave me a chuckle and angered me at the same time. The chuckle came from the cartoon of UCP Premier Jason Kenney sitting on Santa’s knee asking for a much higher approval rating with Santa’s reply being “I do magic, not miracles.”
Next came our Conservative MP Rachael Thomas’s letter from the Hill entitled “When the government spends, you pay.” Basically more of the blaming, finger pointing, denials of what has been really happening over the past few years.
There has never been a plan in place by Conservatives to deal with anything whether it be climate change which has affected the supply chains, food prices, and a larger population to feed and house.
I have found this to be somewhat disturbing that Conservative governments have constantly reminded those affected by weather disasters, COVID relief programs, employment or health issues refer those to federal Liberal support programs. Then those same Conservative governments blame Liberals for spending too much and printing money.
I for one have been grateful for the current feds for dealing with these issues because they’ve been hit with so much rather than the constant denials and blame.
Admittedly a few missteps have been made, but at least they’ve dealt with these issues.
At the bottom of that page was an editorial about the recent B.C. floods and the summer drought which challenged the food supply chain and our own responsibility towards dealing with this ever changing world as well as what governments can and can’t do.
C. Rollack

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Fedup Conservative

Wonderful letter, you have nailed it. Watching this fool Erin O’Toole whining about the high cost of living, but can’t provide a solution, or isn’t smart enough to understand what caused it other than blame it on Trudeau. How stupid does he think Canadians are?
I supported the conservatives for 30 years prior to these damn Reformers getting control of them, starting with Ralph Klein, and what a farce they have proven to be. They aren’t smart enough to understand that they should have carried on where Lougheed left off collecting proper royalties and taxes and run Alberta and Canada properly, like Norway and Alaska are doing.
These fools have one answer to all our problems Blame It On Someone Else. The former MLAs from the Lougheed era that I knew certainly had them figured out. “Don’t ever trust a Reformer was what they stated.”
Too bad so many of our fellow seniors aren’t that smart. They believe every lie they feed them. Lawyers tell us it’s going to get them sued if they don’t shut up. These Reformers have caused so many problems for Albertans, from the Orphan Well Cleanup mess, and with so many deaths people are looking for someone to sue, why shouldn’t they?

Fedup Conservative

Mr. Rollack this proves what many of us from the world of finance have known all along. While Kenney feeds his ignorant supporters the lie that Trudeau is stealing all of Alberta’s money, he slashes $9.4 billion off corporate taxes to benefit his rich friends and tricks ignorant Albertans into believing we should be getting Equalization Payments.
This makes Kenney look like a damn liar, which he is. He lied about our oil industry being under attack and wasted $3.5 million of our money and is now facing lawsuits which will likely cost Albertans a lot more.
“Alberta Received More Funds From Feds Than From Revenue For The First Time In Decades”
We knew Trudeau was saving us during this pandemic , while Kenney convinced these ignorant Albertans to believe other wise .