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Everything is happening as prophesied in Bible

By Letter to the Editor on December 15, 2021.

  Climate change has been ongoing since the flood of Noah, recorded in the Bible. Something catastrophic happened to the earth resulting in the earth being knocked off its axis, off its orbit, being split and cracked, being inundated with water from above and from within.  Volcanoes and earthquakes continue to this day because of a probable strike by a huge meteor  or collision with another planet. One only has to study the topography of the earth to know this to be true. 
 The atmosphere around our earth was disrupted and changed forever. Initially, the earth wobbled horribly causing  huge tides which threw up deserts of sand. Water froze to great depths and over vast areas. According to Genesis it took a year for the earth to settle  down, for water to pool and land to emerge and  dry.
  But the Bible is no longer relevant and is not being studied in schools. The Bible is unique in that if read and studied regularly, it will gradually  reveal its secrets– God’s secrets- about the origins of the universe, the social development of mankind, beliefs, failures, rise and fall of nations, prophecies for the future,etc.
Jesus, a historical figure, is no longer studied.  He had much to say about the very issues we are facing today.  In Matthew 24 (NKJV) His words are recorded about what future generations would face. His disciples wanted to know ” When will these things be?  And what will be the sign of your coming and the end of the  age?”
Jesus told them — many would be deceived about Christ’s teachings and His re- appearance;  wars and rumors of war; nations and kingdoms rising against each other; famines; pestilences; and earthquakes in various places.  He adds one thing that is overlooked:  All these things are the beginning of sorrows.  The Rabbis referred to sorrows as birth pains. What happens in labor?  The pains increase in frequency and intensity. And they have over the past 2 millennia.  Wars have increased in intensity (WWW I and II), widespread  drought and famine; earthquakes daily; Volcanoes; and erratic weather patterns.  Pestilences include the seen- birds, locusts and grasshoppers and the unseen– bacteria and viruses– world encompassing pandemics. 
In Luke 21 Jesus expands His teaching- V25  And there will be  signs in the sun, moon and stars.”  Alberta, B.C have in the past year has seen several meteors fall to earth. He continues: ”
And on the earth distress of nations, with perplexity ( a state of doubt, confusion and bewilderment), the sea and the waves roaring; men’s hearts failing them from fear and the expectation of those things which are coming on the earth, for the powers of heaven will be shaken.” 
This is all true today.  Our government leaders are in panic mode at the behest of the scientific community – Our earth’s temperature is warming too rapidly because industry and mankind have infused our atmosphere with smoke and poisonous gasses!  If we don’t do something all mankind will perish.  No where in the teachings of Jesus does He teach that mankind is at risk of elimination. But if the Bible is carefully studied, one can discover and  learn what will happen to the earth and all people. 
  Can mankind stop Volcanoes from spewing forth their lethal gasses?  Can we stop earthquakes from happening?  Can we stop permafrost or  polar caps from thawing? Can we change the weather patterns: decrease the intensity and frequency of the storms?  Mankind is but a puny part and player  on the earth and earth is a tiny part of an  immense universe. 
  Jesus promised His disciples He would return -one day- soo – from somewhere in the universe.He said to be alert and watch. . He would return to the earth a second time  and would be seen in the clouds.  There is no need to panic.  Everything is happening as it was prophesied.  
  Edna Mackenzie 

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John P Nightingale

Behold a great light lit up the sky – well at least it did in 1986 and will miraculously reappear in 2061. Somewhere a monarch perished after 1986 and yet another will perish post Halley’s Comet’s 2061 appearance. Must be true, I read it somewhere.
That the “earth is a tiny part of an immense universe” is entirely correct. The rest of the monologue not so much.


Whew! It’s nice to be relieved if personal agency, as it has already been written.

Dennis Bremner

Ahh so this is God’s fault, figured he/she was at it again! I always wondered why when a catastrophe occurred it was called an Act of God! When does this guy with the pointed tail ever get blamed for anything at all? The last time I had heard of anything the Devil got blamed for was when someone ate an extra chocolate and said “the Devil made me do it”?
God appears to do the Locust thing, the Volcano thing, the flood thing, the forest fire thing, kids Cancer thing, and the Devil occasionally makes us take an extra chocolate? So are we really really sure the readers of this fine book have interpreted things correctly? I see another Evangelist like opportunity here!

Last edited 2 years ago by Dennis Bremner
Seth Anthony

If “God” is the omniscient and omnipotent creator as claimed, then that means god created everything. That would include evil, the devil, suffering, etc. It also means that god could put an end to all that at any time.


Ah, one of the foundations of climate change denial exposed.


you must be from the “science is settled” crowd, totally believing that the planet is static and every change in weather every movement of the earth is cause by us. At what point did the planet become static. Please be exact, it will be peer reviewed for sure. Looking for the year specifically.


indeed, the planet has never been static – nothing is, not even static electricity. however, we have adversely impacted the planet. surely one understands the inevitability of homeostasis. at some point, living organisms must respond to that which undermines its scope of balance in which it can exist. is it really possible there is anyone that feels humans have not impacted the balance – the homeostasis – of the planet at large? like any system, it all interconnects. once balance has been upset enough, one can expect corrections to follow. balance? well, does one not think forests are an integral part of the balance? hence, a significant lack of them, and over such a relatively short time, surely has a notable effect? same with water, such as lakes and wetlands, and their ability to help regulate movement of moisture, among other things the balance of the planet depends upon. consider the idea of the domino effect: as essential elements “fall”, are greatly altered, or even disappear, none of that takes place in vacuums – it causes a reaction such that other systems falter, fail, and fall. perhaps for some, still, all that counts is profit – that is “god”; and the systems that support life can just be destroyed at will, even though that would seem more like the “devil.”


buckwheat: Scientists who study questions related to environmental change, a group that includes but is not limited to geologists, geographers, physicists, geochemists and biologists, would not claim that earth and atmospheric systems are static, or that human activity is solely responsible for, as you state, “every change in weather every movement of the earth.”

Whether human activity has played a non-trivial role in increasing atmospheric concentrations of carbon, methane and other greenhouse gases is a completely different question, and in that regard the hard-core, empirical evidence is clear.


Interesting in the comments no one took on the meat of the message, other than to imply it is bunk, insult the writer, nor did anyone leave a contrary reasoned opinion. Looks like all the philosophers here have made up their minds. Religion bunk, climate change, the new alter/religion. Calling people deniers means nothing. Just shows your part of the cult.

Last edited 2 years ago by buckwheat

good point. the bible has some fine wisdom, but also, utter nonsense. i would say it is best to digest not whole, but sifted. as such, it see it is as unlikely that it is entirely composed with words from the greatest light in the universe.
btw: i think we can examine any 50 year period in our history and find “evidence” of the “end.” plagues, wars, famines, pestilence, wickedness…even shapes in the clouds, have been a mainstay throughout. it is because we worship and fall prey to false idols – you know, things like ultra wealth, self service, fame, shiny trinkets, power, ego. even xmas is pretty much a one off for being a do-gooder; and even then, what really have we made it about: consumerism.


Agree, a sage old boy in my life once stated back in the 70’s the worst word we ever created to follow was “marketing”. Followed shortly by consumerism. I have four TV’s. What the hell do I need four TV’s for. Marketing and consumption. Lol.


indeed! the way each society is conditioned is sublime. we have to be questioning and considering, or we are just stupidly bent.
however it is we agree on something, or not, wishing you and all who take the time to share what’s out there some much needed peace and joy.