May 17th, 2024

UCP’s Bill 81 is completely undemocratic

By Letter to the Editor on December 15, 2021.

The government of Alberta just passed bill 81 allowing citizens to buy extra party memberships and put them in the names of others without informing them.
I don’t care which party does this I object to them putting my name as a supporter without my permission. This so Undemocratic in a society believing in one person one vote! Now I must be on guard to ensure someone has not purchased an extra membership in my name. Shame on you Kenney for sinking so low!
Larry Mackillop

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Hey if the AFL can do it so should everyone else

The Alberta Federation of Labour controls two seats on the NDP’s provincial council. The UCP argued this arrangement, which is part of the NDP’s structure, means the AFL is essentially a branch of the left-leaning party.
The UCP has said the AFL should therefore not be permitted to operate as a third-party political advertiser, because third-party status allows it to skirt the financing and spending laws that apply to political parties.

monkey see monkey do.

Fedup Conservative

What could we expect from a Liberal Jason Kenney boot licker more stupid comments to try to defend him, right?


I agree. The AFL should not be on the NDP’s council. Ask them for opinions, absolutely, but not on the council.

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classic. entirely undemocratic, and an outright fraud. just another example of govts that do not respect democracy, integrity and honesty. keep voting folks, so as to show your support of a chronically corrupt and unrepresentative system.
as for the afl references, that is something that would need to be addressed in its own right (or, wrong, as the case may be); it is rather immature to state that because there may be one wrong afoot it becomes ok to perpetrate more wrongs.


The Unions and Union locals affiliated with the NDP , send their own delegates to party conventions,
including leadership races, in able to vote in the delegate selection process – ergo, the views of these members are over represented in the Councils of the NDP.


in all fariness, it does not in any way mean it is fair or just to allow someone steal my name for any purpose, let alone a political party membership. if there is something wrong with how the ndp operates, the focus then must be to correct that – not to create further injustices.

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