May 25th, 2024

Angels interrupted their day to assist seniors in the snow

By Letter to the Editor on January 5, 2022.

On Sunday morning my husband and I left the west side to attend our church, St. Augustine’s. We were not sure if we would be able to do this, but the wind had died down, the west side hill was fine.
It was when we turned onto 4 Street South we ran into a problem, literally. The snow along the street adjoining the running track had blown in and was very deep on both sides of the street.
Before we could take evasive action our car was well and truly stuck. My husband had recently had major hip surgery due to cancer.
He can walk with two canes but there was no way he could even get out of the car and walk never mind help me move the car.
I am 67 and fairly fit but nothing I did worked. Then the angels began arriving, two men with trucks, a couple dressed for church, a father and son, and some young men who were clearing snow at their own place. They dug, they pushed, one man lay on the ground and moved snow.
Then the first man took a tow rope, attached it to our car and with a great deal of effort pulled our car out of the snow. We shook hands, I could have hugged them all.
They interrupted their day to save ours. I only know the names of the father and son but the rest of you will live in my memory and I will always remember you as shining angels.
Ruth and Gerald Kereliuk

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Those two men with trucks, that couple dressed for church, that father and son, and those young men who were clearing snow at their own place were certainly kind and generous people to help you out, and do indeed deserve your warm, human gratitude. But deification transforms this simple, true story, enough all on its own, into the realm of fantasy fiction, which actually detracts from the desired effect.