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Mask bylaws restrict rights and freedoms for good reason

By Lethbridge Herald on January 7, 2022.


We all claim rights and freedoms (R&F) but almost every one of us also wants safety and security. And laws may limit some of our R&F while trying to offer the public the desired safety and security asked for and demanded.

Every country is governed by laws. Some laws by limiting some R&F are designed to keep people safe from themselves. Some laws are designed to keep people safe from others. And some laws are designed to keep people safe both from themselves and from others.

One law which is mainly designed to keep persons safe from themselves and their own actions is the law which requires all motorcycle riders to wear a qualified helmet.  There are good reasons why the government is interested in interfering in a person’s R&F to their own personal choice.  

And there are numerous laws mainly designed to keep people safe from others such as all the laws regarding theft and stealing in its many guises. A law which says that I can’t go into your business and take something without paying for it isn’t protecting me, it’s protecting you, even though it’s suppressing my freedom to do as I wish.

And there are laws which are supposed to protect both.  One of those laws is the mask bylaw which states that masks covering both the nose and the mouth must be worn inside public facilities unless the person is in the process of eating or drinking. The wearing of masks although infringing on a person’s R&F has been shown to protect somewhat (depending upon the mask type) the wearer from the germs and viruses of others. However, the mask has also been shown to protect others from many germs or viruses the wearer possesses. When two persons are both wearing masks they are protecting not just themselves but the other person as well. 

The mask bylaw may restrict or limit individual R&F but for good reason. And these laws need to be enforced, both by businesses and by authorities. Neither is currently doing a good job.

Ken Moore


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mask laws are the least of our concerns when it comes to the erosion of rights, freedom and liberty in our society. the most debatable thing about them is how well do they work. the most ridiculous thing about the masking laws is that 2 years along and still no standard, and as the writer notes, too little enforcement. throughout this shamdemic, i have come to be ever the more determined that govt/third party/society have no right to enter the inalienable realm that is one’s body: one’s rights stop at the body of another. by extension, the govt/third party/society have no right to “protect” an adult from oneself. the limit is to protect the one from other deferring to the law of free will and to the inalienable right that each has to be the sole arbiter of their body. temporary masking rules may not abridge those rights, but coercive vaxing mandates do, and egregiously so.


it is curious how easily people will give away freedom in the hope of gaining security. the game has long been by power brokers to stoke insecurity so as to arouse fear so as to enact laws that abridge freedom, always in the name of safety and security, and in canada, always underscore by the supreme court phrasing: “an acceptable limitation on rights and freedom.” despite how long this approach by power brokers has gone on, they must be over the top with joy in this latest power grab: how easily did the great majority of the masses roll over in accepting such an egregious theft, by govt, of one’s right to their body that are the coercive vaxing mandates invoked throughout so much of the “free” world.
have we ever heard of the caged primates that were taught to draw? it is a fascinating story, even though it is yet another of too many animal cruelty examples. what it tells me, though, is that “primates” are a good bit more perceptive than far too many humans. what the creatures drew is what they were able to see: the bars of their cages.


Ken, please read BILL C-2 and see what happens to our rights and freedoms if this LIBERAL Bill passes through Parliament. We will have our Charter of Rights eliminated by the whim of Government Administrates

John P Nightingale

Kindly elaborate!


read the bill and draw your own conclusion. it will involve several hours of reading and is available from the queens printer

John P Nightingale

Oh you mean supporting small businesses , coffee shop owners and others directly affected because of COVID restrictions?
How are are the “Charter of rights” about to be eliminated because of C 2?


Designation of region

3 (1) The Governor in Council, on the recommendation of the Minister, may, for the purposes of this Act, designate by order, for the period set out in the order, any region in Canada as a lockdown region.


(2) The Minister may make a recommendation only if the Minister is of the opinion that it is in the public interest to do so and that measures referred to in subparagraphs (a)‍(i) and (ii) of the definition lockdown order in section 2 that are set out in one or more lockdown orders apply in respect of a region for a period of at least 14 consecutive days or, if a lower number of days is fixed by regulation, that lower number of consecutive days.

John P Nightingale



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