May 21st, 2024

Lougheed was right to protect Alberta’s mountains

By Lethbridge Herald on January 8, 2022.


Watching Jason Kenney spread one more lie on TV didn’t surprise me.  

The guy has proven to be an habitual liar.  He claims B.C. is mining coal safely and Alberta should allow it also on the Eastern Slopes. 

Yet we learned last March that Teck Coal Limited pleaded guilty to polluting waters in B.C. and Montana and were fined $60 million. 

Can you imagine what would happen if Albertans allowed Kenney to pollute the Mississippi River when it’s headwaters are the Milk River in southern Alberta?  Our hero Peter Lougheed was right to put protection on our mountains so this could never happen. 

How stupid does Kenney think we are?

Our farmers and ranchers have certainly proven they aren’t dumb enough to buy into this lame-brain scheme.  

Alan K. Spiller


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Southern Albertan

Absolutely! But, as has been said, we no longer have our beloved, more inclusive fiscal conservative Lougheed years of yore. Now, we have this monstrous populist authoritarian neo-liberal problem.
Lougheed had his faults, but he was smart and considerate enough to protect our mountains, and, he had “Six Principles’ for resource development which were not followed in subsequent years: “Behave like an owner, Collect your fair share, Save for a rainy day, Go slow, Add value, and Practice statecraft.” Can the $hundred of billions in our Heritage Trust Fund only be imagined now? What a shame that it was frittered away.

Fedup Conservative

And stupid Albertans thought Rachael Notley should be able fix in only 4 years what these fools created in 25.
Thank God we have farmers and ranchers who are smart enough to stop this insanity by Kenney we know a lot of our fellow seniors wouldn’t.

Fedup Conservative

Those of us from the world of finance figure we lost at least $800 billion thanks to these fake conservatives when you add up oil, natural gas royalties, and taxes and Kenney has only made it worse by slashing taxes by 4% or $9.4 billion.


Maybe you should take up your battle with the NDP in B.C, Westport and China. 60 million paid and it didn’t.change a thing. Barking at the air here, Al, get after your buddy Horgan, et al

Southern Albertan

There is no doubt that someone like Horgan is fielding flack for his fossil fuel foibles. (Not sure about Westport, but China? Speak up there and get ‘disappeared.’) And so he (Horgan) should, but sometimes, one has to hold one’s nose and vote for the least toxic politics. Certainly, if I was a B.C. voter I would have voted for Horgan anyway, rather than the B.C. Liberals (really Conservatives), and if I was an American voter, I would have voted any day for Hilary Clinton as opposed to the disastrous Trump.

Fedup Conservative

Unlike Buckwheat who loves supporting Liberals pretending they are conservatives treating him like a moron, and doesn’t care that the true conservatives are calling him a traitor or that Kenney only has a chance of 1% in winning against Notley in the next election. The guy just isn’t smart enough to admit that he was wrong about him like so many other Albertans are doing. .

Fedup Conservative

Still kissing Kenney’s ass , right?

old school

There is not enough selenium in all of the proposed coal mine area to
pollute the Mississippi River.Kind of a lame point to make.


Good article. At these levels the water would be unsuitable for livestock and irrigation.

Maybe Old School is as big a gambler as Kenney – betting everything will be okay, until it isn’t.