July 21st, 2024

Donald Trump a major threat to democracy in the United States

By Lethbridge Herald on January 13, 2022.


I was dismayed and appalled that a number of respondents thought that Trump should not be held accountable for the Jan. 6 insurrection/riot at the Capitol in DC.  

He started it with the “stop the steal” lie that the election had been stolen, even after many counts and recounts could find no election fraud. His supporters, inside and outside the government, took up the lie and ran with it. On Jan. 6 he gave a speech telling the crowd he would march with them to the Capitol, but he did not. He went back to the White House. And while police officers were getting tasered, beaten with objects, kicked and punched often in the head, Trump watched it on TV with glee for three hours before he finally told the rioters to go home, but that he was proud of them and they were loved.  

He is a major threat to democracy in the U.S. He is a narcissist to the nth degree which means he only cares for his own welfare and has no empathy for anyone else, including his mob of supporters who do not realize who he really is. As long as people support him, he “loves” them, but if they stop supporting him, he turns on them vociferously.

Faye Van Deurzen


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Watched with glee, doubt it, capital police are controlled by congress, not the president, you are ok with hundreds of thousands voting without ID. Take all day to unravel your fable.


Yes, the Capital Police are controlled by Congress, but very early on it was clear they were overwhelmed by the mob. So, given that the DC National Guard reports to and is ultimately controlled by POTUS, why was that call not made as soon as things went south? And why were National Guard units from Maryland and Virginia, which had been mobilized, not called in sooner? The order for State National Guard units to enter DC can only come from POTUS — that’s a provision that goes back to Jefferson.

Southern Albertan

Trump faces a major test in the court soon re: the Jan 6 riot. Time will certainly tell.

Bill McDonald

Totally agree with you Faye, how can anyone support this person and the violence he incites. What a terrible example for young people, if someone disagrees with you simply ridicule, humiliate, and name call. No boundaries, no difference of opinion allowed. So, all you Trump lovers, what if all politicians acted like Trump? Not a pretty site. But, I see that 66% don’t like that the Canes are playing again so there you go, you gotta love public opinion!

Fedup Conservative

Boy have you got it right. I had coffee with 16 seniors on Friday and they feel exactly the same way about these fools supporting Jason Kenney. The only people we still see dumb enough to support Kenney are seniors and you have to ask why they are so stupid?


And you think , under the democrats, a
wide open border, with no controls, plus allowing all alien illegals to vote with no documentation is a better solution in order to protect democracy ?

old school

Too bad Faye didn’t get facts before knocking Mr Trump🙀


The facts being what? That one must incite an insurrection to hold into power so as to save democracy?

You might be surpriser to know that Obama was tougher on border control than Trump (just without the theater of The Wall)


Fedup Conservative

I learned a long time ago that bullies are all about show and back down very quickly when challenged. A lawyer friend said it best “They are all mouth and no brains”.

Fedup Conservative

So if someone decides to haul your ass into court you will be able to explain it, right?


the potential for trump to have exacted some change for the better. he came from outside the circle of folk that transcend any real allegiance to political parties, as they are able to manipulate and control whichever of the sleaze parties are in power. as such, he was perhaps best positioned to undermine the deep-rooted corruption in the usa, that first and foremost serves the very wealthiest, undermines envrionment, and underscores the massive gap between top and bottom, powerful and powerless. however, he was doomed to fail because he was not unlike the oligarchy, just an outsider with the same intentions and personal traits: self service, selfishness, greed, ego, psycho/sociopathy, liar, power monger.
anyone that believes obama did much of anything useful for the masses, did not serve the wealthiest foremost, did little to nothing for the environment, likely believes clinton was for the people (he was absolutely not…read, folks), and likely feels hillary would have been good. on the topic of clintons, their legacy, their graft…incredible.


You know what they say about democracy though, and although democratic socialism is better, is as good as we get, it remains aspirational.
Destructive authoritarianism IS indeed having a moment but they’re not the ones promoting vaccines, despite your continued assertions and warnings. As with everything, including personal risk, it’s all relative. You are inclined to sail smugly, a purist beyond the fray, sending down a pox on all their houses while tarring all with the same brush. Novak Djokovic comes to mind with his stunning self-regard so preoccupying that it blinds him to the entirely proximal wisdom of Occams’ Razor. Had he simply gotten vaccinated he could have done what he went to Australia to do, but he’s apparently a major believer in “alternative health” and despite having covid twice he’s survived, so what and who else is there to be considered? And he’s not going to put that “dangerous” and toxic vaccine into HIS body, despite the massive and still growing proof of its effectiveness in preventing hospitalization and/or death. Doesn’t see the point of masks either but was seen wearing one on his deportation I noticed. You do concede the utility of masks though? Well keep going…..
I very much agree that Clinton, Obama, and Rachel Notley all knuckled under far too much to the usual suspects running the capitalist system and the political system that we’re all as helplessly embedded in as we are the fossil fuel industry itself. But describing those politicians as basically interchangeable is simply absurd. And the romantic idea of the “outsider” coming in to “drain the swamp” has


not only not played well; it’s been a disaster by any measure.


not sure what are novak’s reasons for not covid vaxing. pro athletes and entertainers are at the bottom tier when it comes to enlightenment, and value.
here is the reminder:
do not trust govt; do not trust big corp; do not in any way support animal torture; no one knows the effects of the covid vaxes 5, 10 years down the road; notwithstanding all of that i and each get to decide for our bodies.
meanwhile, even as the vaxes show some significant limitations already, they have made billions for the purveyors and top tier investors; and the original booster, the 2nd dose, now gives way to the new booster, the 3rd dose, which is set to quickly give way to the new booster, the 4th dose. why not ease the traffic and just develop the covid patch already? and, rather than wear it discretely, it can worn like a badge of honour, worthy of the elite vaxed crowd, and in hope of shaming the the maligned unvaxed, those antisocial second class of the new world order.
indeed, use them as scapegoats for our already long degraded health care system; indeed, use the already long degraded health care system to force the masses into giving up control over their body; ondeed, even use the unvaxed as scapegoats for the failing covid vaxes.
you are obviously intelligent. i wonder what it is, then, that prevents you from seeing through the facade of our economic system, the reality that out political system insofar as it being a democracy and for the masses is but a farce. how do you reconcile that every year, every decade, every generation, the ultra wealthy gain vastly in wealth and power – and they are always in power, as they never get elected and thus they are never turfed – the masses lose in terms of wealth and power, the planet is ever the more degraded and imperiled as are peoples and cultures.
how is it, given the proof that is all around us in terms of present reality and history, that you and still so many others have so much faith in govt, and big corp even?
perhaps it is the hollow soundbite you echoed – alluding to the adage that democracy is not perfect but it is the best blah blah…the same nonsense is said of capitalism.
there are better ways, but those in power do not want such change because they want power. gaining power to enter into one’s body is a massive step into further control. not to say one must not vax, just saying that must be a choice. however, it is a rather gross option given the vaxes come from extensive creature torture.
we had better come to terms with what we are in bed with, what we are perpetuating. bad pharma is bad karma.


It’s called perspective. “Bad pharma is bad karma?” How old are you anyway? You’re not entirely wrong of course, but the vaccine isn’t an example of that, not sharing the patent is. I have an uneducated nephew, now 50 odd, who has smoked too much marijuana over the years and has become completely paranoid about pretty much anything having authority over his precious free will. He now sees himself as some kind of exalted warrior taking on the world, the only one who sees things clearly for what they are. Anti-vaccine, anti-mask of course. Interestingly, never religious before, he’s now starting to also tilt that way; his father just died and I heard him talk about being “raptured.” This might be seen as the origin of the magical thinking that is so endemic to human society, the paradox that is the male sensibility–massive ego coexisting with massive fragility. I know you’re intelligent as well, and certainly not religious, but marijuana IS linked with rampant paranoia, and again I’d seriously suggest you peruse the company you’re currently in on this topic. Not exactly “thinkers.”


Most everyone on this thread seems to be smoking to much weed


i replied to your other comment where you referenced your nephew. having now read this entry, i feel more certain his issues are organic in nature. if he has mental health concerns with regard to paranoia, bi-polar, manic depression, psychosis, schizophrenia…there is evidence to suggest pot may exacerbate those concerns. however, there is no evidence that pot creates those illnesses where they do not otherwise exist organically.
i suggest you read some recent studies. it has only been in the last handful of years that we are getting honest information about pot and the likes of lsd, mushrooms, mescaline, mda. heretofore, so as to receive funding for such related studies, the outcomes had to support the official narrative. the studies were biased and untruthful.


bad pharma is bad karma because using their products, borne of animal torture, supports animal torture. we each are no more than that which we perpetuate. if a more dominant being existed in the universe that had more power than we – not necessarily more enlightened, as an enlightened being would never torture anything for any reason – do you feel it is their right to torture you and other humans for whatever reasons they choose?
bad pharma is bad karma because karma exists; there is no escaping energy. if you still think this life is a one-off, i suspect you will be in for a bit of a shock. karma extends to each of us at all times, and we will cleanse/balance and evolve ourselves mostly through actions and experiences. there is no pretending in the grand scheme of existence – we each are always going to be laid bare.
that aside, i could not torture a creature so as to prolong my life here. thus, i cannot use and endorse pharma products any longer, knowing how the misery from which they are derived. so that you know, i am not entirely unafraid to die, and of course, how one dies is also a concern. even so, i have decided to live and die without sick pharma, rather than use them and their sick approach in order to prolong my visit.


you think maybe he survived due to his use of natural remedies, and the fact that covid rarely kills, especially where there is not comorbidity? over 280 million covid cases, and near as many recoveries. just 5.5 million covid related deaths, over 2 years, out of a world pop on its way to 8 billion, most of whom without a healthy quality of life and quality health care. and this is all it takes for you and so many others to give away the right to one’s body to the vile rats that are govt?! incredible!