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Access needed

By Lethbridge Herald on February 4, 2022.


I find it very interesting when you read the new mayor’s message he clearly articulates transparency, a new approach of planning, reporting and engaging differently.

On listening to many citizens complaining they cannot engage in a conversation with the council by individual cellphone or individual email, I personally have tried to contact councilors with no response.

The procedure is difficult  – you must go through 311 and ask to speak to a councillor. It did not happen.

The previous year’s council had cellphone numbers and email to contact individuals. Today, it is restricted. 

Should it happen? No, the councillors are issued a cellphone paid by taxpayers, an email address paid for by taxpayers, they are paid salaries, expenses. Most of all they are paid to represent the citizens/taxpayers. We require mayor and councillors to engage properly – do not block direct access.

Ken Ikle


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Have sent several emails myself. No response.


If I was a councilor for a large municipality there is no way my cell number would be given out to the public. I would like to think I would do my best to respond to e-mails and messages from other sources but calls to my cell, absolutely not. I think it would make the job unbearable.


jerssey44 What you donot understand is the cell phone issued to Councilors is a business phone not a private cell phone the Councilors are required to respond they took an oath to represent the Citizens which means to talk and receive phone requests. All other cities the councilor business E. Mail addresses and business cell phones are open to citizens to contact eg a problem.


I certainly understand that. Doesn’t matter. No reason to carry a cell phone to take calls from constituents. Would never get a moments peace. E-mails, certainly. If they are not responding to e-mails, shame on them. They are not doing their job.


The question is: are they getting the emails or are they being censured by some bureaucrat who doesn’t like your missives. Have sent numerous emails and getting the canned response and no confirmation from any council member of receipt.

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