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Businesses need to stand up for each other

By Lethbridge Herald on February 4, 2022.


Businesses in this city have to realize that it is time to act as one. The motto must be “what happens to one, happens to all”! When Mustard Seed was after Western One, the business community should have assisted those that were threatened. When Mustard Seed was after the Ramada, or when the SCS went in, you should have acted as one! 

No longer can you afford for the businesses of Lethbridge to ignore others, because one day it may be you, and you will need all the support you can get, I can assure you!

If you read some of the documents on the City of Lethbridge website, you will find the Mustard Seed is once again talking with the City after pronouncing they were leaving. 

So let’s suppose the “dry facility” that Mustard Seed wants happens to be near you? You need better representation now!

You must take it upon yourselves to represent yourselves as a group because“social acceptability” does not care that you have worked hard for your business, support employees, and hope it will support you into retirement!

We have put our mouths where our proposal is, which is in front of the City of Lethbridge! If people want to see our proposal, you will find it at http://lethccc.com. All we ask for is your support – we will do the hard work!

We are firm believers in “harm reduction” and a home for everyone! Our definition of harm reduction is harm reduction for all. It is the reason why we have a proposal in front of the City of Lethbridge. We believe that the taxpayers of this city deserve to be treated with far more respect then they are getting! 

No one in Lethbridge or the Blackfoot Confederacy, is treated unfairly in our plan! In fact it is the only plan that considers impacts on the Blackfoot! With our plan no one is homeless, and no one is harmed! Our proposal gives a home to the addicted and honours the request by the Blackfoot Confederacy that they treat their own! 

Our proposal also creates a dry facility in a fenced area, around Alpha House and the soup kitchen which Mustard Seed could run. So there is no need for clandestine meetings to surprise another neighbourhood or business community! Call your councillors!

Dennis Bremner


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Citi Zen

Those bleeding hearts that support the likes of the SCS don’t give a rat’s a$$ about your nearby business. It’s all about their own agendas, money, and greed. Lethbridge doesn’t need any of that!