June 18th, 2024

John Middleton-Hope to recognize need for election options

By Lethbridge Herald on February 5, 2022.


Councillor John Middleton-Hope has  wisely recognized that given the closeness of the October 18th municipal election vote on the ward system council needs to examine options related to the system.

I believe councillor Middleton-Hope’s recommendations give assurance to voters that council takes their concerns seriously.

Like many citizens I look forward to the report that city clerk Bonnie Hilford expects to bring back to council by April 30. City council might also seek additional information from Calgary city council which has successfully used the ward system over many years.

Robert Tarleck


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Amazing the former mayor who was broached on many occasions about a ward system is now on board with investigating the ward system. Apparently when he was on council and the mayor this was a no go. Hypocrite.


What must happen after the administration report is a Citizen Assembly similar to the one done on Councill salaries where the citizens should be totally involved not a council decision. We lived in northwest Calgary for over 20 years under the Ward system, the present Councilor. today represents over 50,000 ward citizens also represents on all Calgary issues. Required to have a Ward (fund)account,office, and assistant paid by taxpayers.
Yes the former mayor also championed four-year terms of office no citizen vote