June 22nd, 2024

People behind the blockades don’t represent everyone

By Lethbridge Herald on February 9, 2022.


As a proud Canadian farmer, and a person of faith – my response to the unlawful blockading of our Alberta border and in Ottawa is unequivocal – you don’t represent me!

It’s true, all Canadians are exhausted from the implications of COVID on our lives. It is also hard to understand the logic and timing of the rules, and changes. To protest as a response – fine! To blockade – simply unacceptable. No matter who you are.

As a Canadian, flow through our borders, and across this vast country is critical to our daily lives. As a farmer, that flow is critical to my livelihood. When you purposely mess that up – you don’t represent me.

As a person of faith – the principal that permeates to the top is quite simple: I am to demonstrate love in the way I live – particularly to the vulnerable, or less fortunate. Translation: I need to be more selfless, and less selfish. Hard to do, yet what an aspiration for an individual, or a Nation! That the Coutts, Alberta blockaders could find a “pastor” who seemingly skipped that principle in promoting blockades both shocks and saddens me. 

I hear neither love, nor selflessness in his rhetoric. You do not represent my Christian faith.

To the vast majority of truckers who continue to try to do their jobs – Thank You so much! 

To the frontline workers of all stripes, who deal directly with the fallout of COVID, the rules, and our “rights” – God bless you for your dedication! You represent beautifully, and selflessly.

 To our leaders and police: Thanks for serving in such trying times. Serve the majority, seek their voice and apply our laws.

Challenge 2022: Skip the complaining, and blockading. Instead, be more selfless. Let’s build each other up.

Ed Donkersgoed


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Just about everyone Ed

Canada …. 58000 trucks … people cheering all along the route … main stream media lying about it 
This Convoy is not just for the trucker’s mandates. 
It’s for the family members banned from visiting family in nursing homes. 
It’s for the censorship on all social media platforms. 
It’s for all the people afraid to speak In fear of being called conspiracy theorists. 
It’s for the people who didn’t want to give up their freedom of choice! 
It’s for the people who don’t want to give up their right to bear arms. 
It’s for the people who don’t want to be in debt for the next 100 years. 
It’s for the people who only want answers to the many questions that haven’t been answered. 
It’s for the people afraid to hug their family and visit friends. 
It’s for the people who want their lives back. 
For the hairdressers to cut hair. 
For the restaurants to serve food. 
For the bars to play music. 
For the students to learn . 
For the kids to be free . 
For people who want to work but are forced not to . 
This is for the people. 
This is for trying to silence honest and hardworking citizens. 
Never in my life have I ever seen the healthy punished and the sick untreated. 
This is for the 300,000 surgeries cancelled. 
This is for the people that died waiting for their surgery. 
This is for the people who died alone in the hospital without being able to hold that hands of their loved ones. 
This is for the exhausted nurses. 
This is for the doctors that are going unheard. 
This is for all the front line workers… delivery trucks, grocery store clerks, PSWS who are constantly working overtime etc. 
This is for all of us. 
Godspeed truckers Convoy to Ottawa 2022 and all over the world! ❤️
**Copied from another post**

Southern Albertan

Hear, hear Ed Donkersgoed! The latest research/surveys indicate that Albertans who do not support the convoy/anti-vaccine/anti-mandate action is about in the 60% range….the by far, quieter majority. Voting intentions, and actual voting results on May 29, 2023 could be the final decider. The Kenney UCP are not, doing enough, to address the illegal blockades.


save for symbols of hate, which have been few, the peaceful and determined protests that demand freedom represent me. thank you.