June 22nd, 2024

Tactic of agitators is to weaken us through mob rule

By Lethbridge Herald on February 10, 2022.


Remember the Alamo, and the mythic horse of Troy? Beware the turncoat who yells “freedom” loudest, and who will drown the rest of us like a sack of kittens. I am a vet, and don’t run with the pack who use American Confederate and Nazi flags as standards while flying our Maple Leaf upside down. Peeing on our Canadian War Monument is a sacrilege to those of us who served overseas to preserve the rights of expression and disagreement; not rebellion. Agitators are experienced at mass infiltration and corruption of democracy. Their intent is to weaken us with mob rule. These are tactics we have seen used by dictators and tyrants to remove the very freedoms they espouse.

 Their actions display the lie of their words. They claim the rights and freedoms of a Democracy, but they display the practice of a Republic where the privileged rule the majority.

Who benefits from violent confrontation over negotiation? From lies and distortion of the truth? From mudslinging and misrepresenting our elected leaders? From hacking anonymity on the net to destroy our trust? From choking our economy and blaming our medication?

Extremists deny responsibility for themselves and their faceless leaders. They do not build on what came before, they only destroy. 

Militant fanatics call for strength and determined resistance from stable society. 

Only serious family and community ties back our elected representatives when facing reptilian rioters; people who shed their skin to suit their purposes, people who melt into the muddied water after the fracas. 

We only maintain our society’s integrity with honesty and deliberate firmness.

Don Ryane


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Fedup Conservative

Great comments Don. The true senior conservatives in my world aren’t dumb enough to support these Right-wing Extremist , Reformer, yet a lot of our fellow seniors do, just too dumb to realize what they are doing to us.


Indeed, Don Ryane!


it is militant to force and coerce people into ingesting stuff they do not choose to ingest. what is happening now is a reaction to vax mandates that have taken away choice, the right to conscience, and the right be the sole arbiter over one’s body.
get vaxed, if that is what one chooses: your body, your choice. let others make their choice, too.

Last edited 2 years ago by biff
Elohssa Gib

The verb “to ingest” means to take in by swallowing or through absorption. The COVID-19 vaccines are administered by inter-muscular injection.

I fully admit that it’s a minor point, and it is not a response to your central argument, so you can save yourself the trouble of pointing that out.


i stand corrected. and, it is an impressive wonder indeed that your deep thought entry has positive support!


No one is being coerced. It’s your choice to not be vaccinated. If an employer requires employees to be vaccinated, this is the choice of the employer. The decision to not accept vaccination is not a Free Card, however. It comes with responsibilities and consequences.


Don’t judge a movement by a few bad apples. What you’re seeing is democracy in action and you don’t seem to like it.


Calling for the removal of the goverment by mob rule is democracy? Who knew?


yah, as if that represents anywhere near the majority standing up for the most fundamental freedom – the right to have ownership over one’s body. surely you have more sense than that.

Ben Matlock

Did your parents not tell you that you will be judged by the company you keep?


Said every targeted person in Germany 1933-1945.


i think if the masses in germany were not so susceptible to propaganda, and not so full of themselves that they could so easily get sold on the idea that they are superior to a minority group, and not so stupid that the concept of freedom became equated with the suppression of freedom – like the masses have bought into so entirely here, today – targeting a group would never have been able to fly, and, perhaps, 7 years of war might not have happened.