June 22nd, 2024

The greatest freedom of all is simply the ability to live on this earth

By Lethbridge Herald on February 11, 2022.


I am writing to everyone but especially those who are outright now in a protest, blockade, rally, demonstration or a strike or are planning to join one.

I am asking all of you to do one time thing – tonight at 9 p.m. turn off your vehicle, lights, radios TVs, phones and computers and go outside. Sit down on the ground in the dark and the silence and look up at the black sky.

If you can see them, look at the stars. 

Then think of this — all that we are is a tiny speck in the huge unknown universe. No one knows why each of us is here at this specific moment in the expanse of time. No one really knows how we came to be here or where we will go. No one knows if we will even have any future.

All that each of us has is this moment. What really do you want to be spending your last moment doing?

Look at the sky and understand that you already have the greatest freedom of all – you are alive, you are breathing, you see the sky, you feel the earth. Then tonight go to sleep. Tomorrow get up and drive, walk, ride a bike and go home. Go to the nearest vaccination centre and get your first vaccine and book the next two. 

Then put on a mask and go to a seniors home, grocery store, hospital, blood donor clinic, restaurant, school, food bank, shelter, tetox centre or anywhere and ask ‘How may I help?”

That is true freedom. That is what Canadians do. 

Disagreements are momentary – kindness lasts forever.

Karen J. Collin


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We get that Karen but true “Freedom” is never free!


Karen ,keep thinking that way and it is great. Then you find out what the difference between man as an Animal, (which we are), Besides opposed thumbs and a large brain, man is the only animal that plots to kill it’s own kind, and this may be the junction we are at.


I am surprised that 2 people deny the truth by giving negative points