June 17th, 2024

The country isn’t just the protesters

By Lethbridge Herald on February 18, 2022.


I will be 84 years old this year. I was born here and have lived here in this democratic country all my life.

My understanding of democracy is that during an election campaign candidates present the policy of their party. On election day people vote for the party of their choice. The winner forms the government for the next four years and all the parties work together for the good of the people in general.

When I observed protesters of the Freedom Convoy flying Confederate flags, Swastikas, American flags, Trump flags and our Canadian flag upside down on Capital Hill, I actually felt so sick I had to go lie down for the rest of the day.

 Subsequent to that I have learned from the news on TV and various news articles the misery and hardships this small minority in Canada has caused hundreds and hundreds of law abiding citizens.

But what is even more appalling is to see elected officials of the Opposition party of which I was once a member supporting them. 

Shaking hands and taking pictures with them. It was my understanding that once you were elected you represented all the constituents of your riding not just the small minority.

I am too old to run for elected office and do not have the physical stamina to join anti protest demonstrators. 

All I can do is write letters and encourage others who feel as I do to do so as well. 

It looks like we can no longer take our democracy for granted. Someone said the pen is mightier than the sword.

One of the protesters was screaming, “I want my country back.” So do I and it has been mine much longer than it has been his.

Patricia Kroker


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Fedup Conservative

Patricia I agree I’m too old to run also, but was asked to do so many times. I consider myself to be a Conservative but don’t want my name associated with these stupid Reformers. After praising the truckers now they find it smart to bash Trudeau for making certain lives weren’t put at risk , and don’t like the fact that he is arresting their heroes.
Just too stupid to think about the fact that if those guns had been taken to Ottawa and one of these lunatics had opened fire on those crowds we would have had another Las Vegas 2017 situation. I have a nephew who is a city of Vancouver Police Officer, his wife is an RCMP officer and they were in that crowd in Vegas and were lucky they never got hurt, but you can bet they will never forget it.

Fedup Conservative

Of course those of us who had ties to the oil industry were smart enough to take Dave Suzukis warning serious. We knew this could happen , too bad Kenney wasn’t that smart.


Instead of addressing the facts of such viscous attacks you instead deflect to blaming Kenney in some weak and pathetic attempt to excuse and or ignore the violent thuggery and vandalism. From all your hateful anti-UCP/conservative rants I would expect nothing else.

Last edited 2 years ago by dakota

curious the first link has not been given primary news coverage (although i am opposed to the drill site).


So any comment on Trudeau taking a knee with BLM now that one of the heads has been charged with murder and there are millions missing. Nah you probably think seizing bank accounts for 100 dollar donations to truckers is a good thing. While your at it what do you think of Trudeau’s performance on this.



You’ve heard the term “cult of personality?” You’re a member of one of those when it comes to Justin Trudeau.


So true. Their fixation on his appearance and having been a math, French and drama teacher (noble profession, no?). The same people don’t seems to mention Harper also having lovely hair and his being a mail clerk and now an arms-dealer to authoritarian governments? Are they going to be able to handle Pierre Poutine with his Arts degree? Ridiculous.


agreed. the thing is, there is a lot of substantial ground upon which to be critical of trudeau – why one would take a dimwit’s approach to his numerous failings is curious. trudeau is a hypocrite, liar, corrupted, bought and owned by the giant corp body (the 420 million of our dollars handed out to algoma steel is just a tiny example), power hungry, immature twit.
ditto harper – that itchy hairpiece and soggy body always presented as easy targets, but again, are without substance. that he was an autocrat, savvy at exploiting massive weaknesses in our checks and balances so as to be able to use the pmo to govern like a dictator…that is a better issue upon which to focus criticism.
as for the ndp’s singh, what we have there is someone exploiting each and every current “minority issue” to exact personal gain. he is a trudeau echo chamber: whatever trudeau has mumbled, fumbled and bumbled on about, singh echoes with clarity.
right now, it is hard to believe, but bergen looks by far the best of a very sad lot earning a great living off the public purse.


Funny, never mentioned anything you suggest. Normal when there is no recourse, shoot the messenger.

Fedup Conservative

These reformers aren’t smart enough to figure out that this money could buy a lot of guns for lunatics , likely on drugs, like the guy in Vegas who killed 59 and wounded 500, don’t you think?


people are all too happy to overlook the violence that has been instigated by some at blm gatherings – where innocent folk have been pulled from vehicles and beaten to bits because they are white and, obviously, were in the wrong place at the wrong time. to try and paint the entire movement as that is quite wrong, as it is quite wrong to paint the masses of those standing up for freedom as the tiny few extremists that placed themselves among the crowd.


It is abundantly clear that those who cheer on the Trudeau governments over reach, corruption, nepotism, medical tyranny and globalist WEF complicity also ignore facts when violent and anarchist behavior occurs by gangs belonging to organizations of which they agree. Their hypocrisy is pathetic but predictable while they ignore or make excuses for such vile and gross behaviors because it supports their particular political and social ideologies. You will never get any honest response from hypocrites with cognitive dissonance who believe that only their own political, social and environmental ideologies are the correct ones and in their mind any other viewpoint is wrong.

pursuit diver

I agree with everything you say! Political parties didn’t change party policy like a chameleon just to get votes and never have I seen such a display of pork barrel politics as I have seen with the Trudeau government.
These protesters make up about 0.07% of Canada’s population of 38 million and in the past 20 years the tail has been wagging the dog many times, but different groups!
We also have allowed foreign paid protests going back to 2010, influencing our access to the oil and gas markets! Now, although not proven yet, I believe Trump is part of this, considering manyl of same donors supporting the insurrection also supported the Washington, DC insurrection.
We have allowed this type of military psy-op to take place and many have expanded on it. Why? Well that is something that would take a book to explain, but appears to have been planned back in 1965, with Pierre Elliot Trudeau’s involvement in the master plan for the world!

Fedup Conservative

While the true conservatives in my world aren’t fans of Trudeau we are glad he is on our side and not the side of these stupid reformers, trying to pretend they are conservatives while they praise these trucker criminals. This cache of guns could have destroyed a lot of lives and the money they have been collecting could have bought a lot more. Trudeau is hero for handling this in an intelligent manner and making certain these fools are charged.

Fedup Conservative

After spending 32 years with ties to the oil industry how do you explain to me the fact that not one single oil executive sided, or agreed with Kenney that our oil industry is under attack? They knew it was all a pack of lies. Why didn’t you?


there is nothing of substance in common between the little boy trudeau and his father.

Fedup Conservative

As much as I hate to admit it. This little Trudeau has saved Alberta’s ass. He has poured Billions into this province to save our young people during this pandemic and our oil industry by buying us a $4 billion pipeline and this proves it.
“Alberta Received More Money From Feds Than From Revenue”
This while this fool Jason Kenney was convincing these stupid seniors to believe that he was stealing all our money and we needed Equalization Payments.


that $4 bil pipeline is a white elephant, save for the enviro disaster; moreover, it was a gift to the scum that is kinder morgan, as they knew it would never bring a return on the expenses.

Elohssa Gib

I’ve been watching the coverage from Ottawa off and on for two days. It just occurred to me that it looks a lot like a Duck Dynasty Fan Convention.

Last edited 2 years ago by Elohssa Gib

Patricia I feel your naked fear. But I did not see all those flags you refer to nor all those other negatives you attribute to those truckers and courageous protestors fighting for our freedoms. I do know of some involved with the protests that merit your fear. Unfortunately it seems it is the foxes guarding the henhouse – check this link out: https://www.rebelnews.com/leaked_rcmp_messages_time_for_the_protesters_to_hear_our_jackboots_on_the_ground

Elohssa Gib

I would rather take out a life-long subscription to “Rebel News” than let “those truckers and courageous protesters” represent me on any matter.