June 14th, 2024

The time has come for freedom protesters to give it a rest

By Lethbridge Herald on February 23, 2022.


What is it about this whole “freedom” convoy thing that so upsets me? There is a bunch of people who don’t want to get the vaccination. OK. So you’re afraid of needles? You don’t want to be told you have to have a mask on before you can get into a bar, or go to a restaurant? The company you work for says you can’t go to work if you don’t get the vaccinations? 

Now you want to blame Trudeau? Do you have feelings that the whole system is a conspiracy to get you? Listen to me friend – you need to get help. 

I mean you need to call the mental health people right now and book an appointment for counselling. 

Convincing all your trucker friends that you need to stop the economy and fire the politicians, especially the prime minister, because you and your buddies are inconvenienced, is beyond everyday logic. Yes, you got a few hundred unhappy people who are also ready to shut down a large part of the economy because you’re angry, and the “Freedom Bell” is ringing for you and your buddies. What about the rest of the 30,000,000 Canadians that need to go to work to feed their families? 

You got a few thousand angry and ready to yell and honk all night to express frustration. After a week or so, did it begin to sink in that this was a crazy drunk-like stunt, and maybe you should slink off home for a good night’s rest?

Everybody gets upset at times. 

It takes a little humility to see yourself and acknowledge when you went overboard. 

So, give it up, see that you made your point, and now get out of the way. Hanging in there is only feeding your ego. It’s sick when you are unable to let it go, and you have to eventually admit you making a fool of yourself. 

Yes, freedom is a great rallying cry for our democracy, but realistically there is no other country in the world like Canada, willing to let you go on for weeks in this silly rant. 

You made your point, you expressed your free opinion, nobody sent the army in to force you. Intelligent humility must get you to admit you proved your point weeks ago. You are now no better than the dictators like Putin, ready to kill millions just to get your way. 

I might have had some sympathy for you a week ago, now you’re just making me mad. Go home!

Don Ryane


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There is much more to the trucker occupation, unfortunately. Many may have innocently signed up because of pandemic fatigue; however, the underbelly of this movement made itself publicly known. Brad Bom’s reference to the tyranny of ignorance in today’s Letters to the Editor is an appropriate assessment.



Mr. Ryan you seem to think that it’s ok for you to rant but not for others. While many didn’t agree with the Convoy, those who participated had a right to protest. It would not have had to drag on for 3 weeks if Trudeau showed some leadership and actually talked to the protestors (via Zoom or whatever means). He didn’t. Rather he let things get out of hand and then as a last ditch move brought out the big guns. The ’emergency act’ is what corrupt weak governments use in 3rd world countries. What Trudeau has done is declared war on decent hard working tax paying people and with that has divided the country all the more. and NDP was complicit in it.


the writer really believes people protesting are afraid of needles? haha! the writer dismisses as nothingness the dark reality that people have to vax in order keep their jobs? moronic!
people protesting took have taken as much as they could for a long time. at the time of the protests, given covid’s worst is behind us, the feds and the provinces could easily have relaxed the vax mandates – instead, most of the gestapo felt we should have a pissing contest in order to show who is boss. had govts pulled the draconian vax mandates, there would have been little to no one putting themselves out there at great sacrifice, and there would not have been entire communities inconvenienced.
but no sir: govts backed by a largely duped society had to stand firm in their belief that one’s body is the domain of the govt, the whatever the preference of a dummy majority. they have determined that one’s conscience is now the domain of the govt. for some people that conscience may be tied to religion, for some it may be tied to ethically opposing animal torture (go ahead, continue to pretend it does not exist, or pretend that you each are so superior that causing pain, suffering, injury and death to sentient creatures is your bloody right), for some it just may be they have concerns about the vaxes. whatever one’s basis, their concerns do not require the approval of another to be valid. that is the basis of a free society, and freedom. the very idea that pro-forced-vaxers believe vaxing remained a choice…but “there are consequences for our choices”… are utterly clueless: when mandates are created that disenfranchise those exercising their free will around their body, that is no longer choice; what we have then equates to laws.
it has long been our basis that the rights of one end at the body of another. no one has the right to force anything upon another: does anyone recall a little notion we call CONSENT? no one has a right to expect another must take (or not take) something just because they prefer as much. take your vaxes, we all wear masks as and where required, and done. we all get to go out, or we all must stay home – there cannot be two classes of citizen. afraid of needles?! lol NOT! we are repulsed by the bullying, and the totalitarian and autocratic govts and mindsets that come to the fore. here is the only ‘free’ way forward: look after your body, and let others look after theirs. respect that our rights end at the body of another. then, mind your fkn business. get it?


It’s sad, yet amusing to see biff lose his sh#t all over the Herald forum. Sorry, I meant pathetic.


Biff is the only one around here with some common sense and not at all pathetic.


thank you.


Well that’s a load of crap if I’ve ever heard any. Sorry you feel that way. He’s mentally ill.


always something empty and stupid to say, h2ZERO. you are a liar, a poor reader, and at best, a troll. equally disgusting is that there are folks here that encourage your immaturity. all that noted, i wish you growth. to wish you less would just be piling on to an already sad entity.


folks, when you support pharma, you support serial animal torture.
big or small, sentient creatures all have one thing in common – with each other and with us: they feel and experience pain and emotions. they are not “animal models” – they are sentient creatures that are being victimised, by the millions 24/7. this is pharma’s practice, this is what you inevitably, inescapably support when you use pharma. you just have to “love” the euphemisms that diminish sentient creatures such they get called “animal models” and “non-human primates”, rather than what they truly are: victims.
COVID-19 Animal Models
Animal research plays a key role in developing successful vaccines for humans. Before promising vaccine candidates can be tested in humans, they must first be tested for safety and effectiveness in animals as required by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. To do this, scientists first determine whether a vaccine candidate can stimulate an adequate and safe immune response. This important step is often conducted using small and then, potentially, larger animal models of disease. Mice are frequently used because they reproduce rapidly, have a well-characterized immune system and a defined genome. Some labs turned to mouse models of infection early in the COVID-19 pandemic only to find that mice don’t get infected with SARS-CoV-2. In order to infect cells, SARS-CoV-2 must bind to a human protein called ACE2. The human and mouse ACE2 proteins are different, and SARS-CoV-2 does not bind to mouse cells. Scientists overcame this problem by generating mice that can express the human version of ACE2 and can therefore be infected with SARS-CoV-2. When these genetically modified mice are infected by the virus, they lose weight and become sick in ways that are similar to what happens when people are infected with the virus. Mouse models provided vital information about COVID-19 symptoms and its disease course and continues to be used by researchers to understand COVID-19 disease.
Syrian hamsters are another important animal model for COVID-19 because disease in those animals closely resembles the disease in humans. Additionally, older male hamsters develop more severe disease than young female hamsters, which reflects some of the differences seen in humans infected by SARS-CoV-2. Hamster models have contributed to the evaluation of investigational COVID-19 vaccine candidates, immunotherapies, and antiviral drugs. 
Vaccine development for COVID-19 also benefitted from nonhuman primate studies. In assessing immunogenicity and protection of vaccines in pre-clinical animal models, nonhuman primates provide several advantages for clinical translation. They are outbred, have greater similarity to humans than rodents in innate immune responses and B- and T-cell repertoires, and allow use of clinically-relevant vaccine doses. Recent studies in nonhuman primates show that SARS-CoV-2 targets similar replication sites and recapitulates some aspects of COVID-19 disease. Nonhuman primates are used during the later stages of vaccine development and typically build upon the knowledge accumulated in earlier small animal studies.


hmm, are we negging the torture reality? or, are we in favour of the torture, but each being so busy and all – what with mass consumption of endless wants and such – we appreciate having pharma do the torturing for us via proxy? i mean, why acknowledge any of the pressing realities and concerns of our day? hope the wool you pull and allow to be pulled does not irritate your eyes too much.


No, it’s YOU, stupid!!


in case one might like to read a little more on pharma’s torture labs: know this, when you support pharma, you support serial animal torture. bad pharma is bad karma.
here are several links. the huff post one, the last link, illustrates a thing or two in common language, and the second to last link questions even the reliability of information coming from animal torture practices.
it is not too late to acknowledge those of us standing for an end to vax mandates, and for ownership over our body, and for those that are able to see how repugnant and revolting is the practice of torturing animals for any reason.


indeed – negging the links in the hope of pretending pharma serial animal torture is not true, or, because you support serial animal torture?