June 14th, 2024

Desecration of the Canadian flag by protesters is unjustified

By Lethbridge Herald on February 24, 2022.


Of the many nefarious happenings during the ‘freedom convoy’, one of the most distressing for me was (and is) the desecration of our beloved Canadian flag.

Many people are now wary of flying the Canadian flag believing that they will be branded as a supporter of the convoy.   It is my hope that all Canadians will proudly raise the flag in homes and yards; thereby making its association with protests impossible.

Linda Flaman


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That’s what Americans do, and OVERdo, not Canadians.

Southern Albertan

This ‘flag’ issue. perhaps for some/many, leaves a less than palatable taste now that these ‘freedom convoys’ were hijacked by violent extremist groups, probably one of their goals.


what americans do – is what the writer has bemoaned. we have heretofore hardly at all taken our flag so seriously. and, given what canada has been doing and supporting at home and abroad the past 40 years, our flag is not as much fit for toilet hygiene, let alone a symbol of national pride.

Southern Albertan

‘Canada’ can really be an ass sometimes, i.e the splintering with the provinces, etc. Continuity across the country does not exist in many ways. And our slow movement on violent, military, fascist-style extremist groups has been smug, ?thinking it can’t happen here. ‘Canada’ needs to ‘grow up’ and get itself together in many ways. I/we don’t display the flag…we do have a “protect our water” sign up though with regard to insane open pit coal mining suggestions in southern Alberta.

old school

Desecration of flag by police is the most noticeable one. Stomping on them in Ottawa ,ticketing people for flying a flag, that’s desecration.
Flying a flag for freedom is honouring what the flag stands for.
What our veterans and soldiers fought and died for.


So, to show their patriotism are these people going to occupy another city next Remembrance Day? Maybe defile another war memorial or tomb in the name of ‘freedom’?

What the Canadian flag stands for is equality, generosity, caring and justice. Or, rather, peace, order, and good government. These are values that continue to be fought for by all Canadians – most recently by breaking up an assault on public safety and democratic government by the far right.


there was a time where, roughly, i believed as much about our country. i appreciate your positive, hopeful outlook. i no longer agree that canadian govts support those ideals. since the 1980s, the working poor are increasing, the middle class crumbling, the top 1% owns a greater share of the nation’s wealth decade over decade. the checks and balances in our archaic, busted system were exploited sublimely by harper. your vote is worth an nth of a vote (first past the post does not represent the will of the people in a multiparty system): how long do we accept majority govts with a minority of the vote? lobbying gives a far greater voice to special interests, particularly the greediest/wealthiest, whereby sustainability is only a talking point, and healthy habitats have been (and continue to be) under siege: does one need to be reminded of what has happened to the lands and waters of so many first nations, let alone the land at large. corporate welfare is thriving, the masses suffer cutbacks on the return on their ever increasing tax rake. the multinational and the oligarchs rule. tax laws are effectively written by and for the multinational and the oligarchs, and they still receive massive loads from the public purse – despite not at all having paid in a fair share. the four estates are a-crumbling before our eyes; the emerging fifth estate is wonky and piecemeal and diffused. success here is measured much like success in the usa: wealth and fame. hardly the standards of “equality, generosity, caring and justice.” our nation not only is dependent on the world’s greatest human rights violator, we are in bed with them. our mining multinationals have wreaked havoc in lands all over the planet, and have stolen the wealth out from under numerous peoples – all the while in addition to the financial impoverishment have left behind an environmental, toxic mess. we have been in bed with numerous dictators. we have committed war crimes that have gone unpunished. none of these realities align with “peace, order, and good government.”