June 18th, 2024

Growing climate alarmism is ignoring science and data

By Lethbridge Herald on March 4, 2022.


Early in his latest presidential campaign, Joe Biden exuberantly proclaimed “I choose truth over facts”. Though humorous at the time, these five words actually exposed the core of the Left’s playbook.

 For example, in promoting most of their virtuous pet projects such as anti-racism, climate change alarmism and its co-dependent renewable energy industry, let’s just say that they have been very careless with the truth. Facts and empirical data don’t matter, they just get in the way. On the subject of climate, it’s difficult to overstate the fraudulent efforts in promoting climate change nightmares to achieve the intended results. 

There is a long list of characters who will not be treated well by history because of their collective efforts to mislead a trusting society on such an important topic. 

There have been a litany of lies promulgated by such characters as John Holdren (Obama’s chief science advisor) who had predicted mass starvation due to overpopulation and global warming by the year 2000 and Al Gore who manufactured the nose-stretching “Inconvenient Truth” movies that were force-fed to our school kids. 

Of course, none of what they’ve predicted ever happened. But were any apologies made to the public or corrections to their theories? Not a chance! As Biden had admitted, the Left’s version of the truth will always trump mere facts. We could all be forgiven for believing that the incidences of hurricanes, tornadoes, droughts, floods, wildfires, sea level rise and heat extremes are setting new records based upon what we read and hear daily from our mostly climate-sycophantic media.

 But the reality, based upon easily accessed historical data from the governments’ own agencies, proves otherwise. And because of affordable and abundant energy (mostly from fossil fuels) our infrastructure and lifestyles have become dramatically more resilient to any weather challenges that we do face. 

Well-regarded Swedish environmentalist Bjorn Lomborg recently reported that in spite of alleged climate change in the last hundred years, the annual global climate-related death rate fell from 243 deaths per million in 1920 to the almost nothing in 2020 of one per million. 

This revelation should provide comfort to all but as Lomborg points out “despite this good news, it is unlikely to deter climate alarmism, since it has evolved into a belief system, eschewing data and science for ‘climate justice’.” 

Lynn Thacker

Bow Island

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Yes Lynn! The “Lefts” “The Sky Is Falling” narrative has served them very well. Its very important for them to keep the facts under the rug as long as they can.


Yes, let’s tell the truth like all the right-wing loudmouths do. Give it a rest dude and go watch your Trump videos.


No resting here until all you Liberal loonie-toons do a Houdini vanishing act! As far as videos are concerned just might watch a Biden video tonight. Much better than any sleeping pill or drink before bed. Guaranteed to fall asleep!

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The only source given is Bjorn Lomborg, a political scientist. Sigh.

And a review of his latest book False Alarm


old school

Sophie, you forgot the prophecies by Al Gore and John Holden that didn’t come true. That is also a good source of the misinformation.


I wasn’t aware these people were prophets. You’ll have to share a reference to their failed prophecies sometime, and tell me how they failed.

Science is not prophecy. The most recent IPCC report says we have underestimated the rate of heating and the impacts to the natural world we rely on to, you know, survive in a stable society.


About as basic as it gets.


Bob Ward Bob Ward is policy and communications director at the Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment and the ESRC Centre for Climate Change Economics and Policy at London School of Economics and Political Science

https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Howard_Friel. Your stated authors.


It’s a book review by a peer who says that Lomborg is fudging numbers even in his own discipline. Said differently, Lomborg has as little credibility in his economics as he does in his understanding of energy technologies or climate science.

John P Nightingale

“Well regarded” – by whom?
Not only does the writer (Thacker) fail to understand the reality of global warming (last seven years hottest on record), he does not seem to understand the consequences of global warming of over a degree centigrade since the Industrial Revolution. Lomborg, the darling of the skeptics, is not a “scientist” – unless you include a “political scientist” falling under that category.
No one is suggesting that this is solely due to industrial emissions but the rate of increase lends credence to man-made warming contributions.
“Climate Sycophantic media”? – impressive words – presumably suggesting the media is a grovelling and servile institution. Fact is it is not merely the “media” but respected scientific journals and institutions world wide that agree on the cause(s) and affects , one of which is global green-house gas emissions.
Consider increasing floods, drought , polar ice cap reductions, high temperatures across the globe including a record high in Lytton BC last year.
To suggest that there are “one per million” deaths because of global climate related events in 2020 is false. ( WHO estimates at least 150,000 deaths per year) Landslides caused by torrential rains alone resulted in multiple fatalities. Arguing that there is no correlation between emissions and such events is pure folly and not backed up by figures from Europe and NOAA (USA).
To repeat, that the earth warms and cools naturally is not in doubt but neither is the contribution that pollution emissions from multiple sources contribute to the current situation.
As with the writers factual accuracy , kindly note Lomborg is Danish not Swedish.

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You sound like a religious redneck zealot.


Guaranteed. And yet another example of the growing danger to us all from the multitudes who “believe” (how about expunging that word altogether btw and replace it with “think?”) in an alternate reality, knowing as we do that an alternate authority accompanies that worldview, one that conveniently and automatically trumps any of our merely human expertise.


Your only source is just looking for attention. He changed his story 180 degrees when he realized he could get more airtime spewing the nazi right-wing garbage. LOMBORG:

“In a 2010 report in The Guardian, Lomborg acknowledged that global warming is “a challenge that humanity must confront.” Lomborg goes as far as calling for a carbon tax and a $100 billion investment in clean technologies.9
However, in his new book Smart Solutions to Climate Change, Lomborg argues that it would be too expensive to implement any major carbon reduction policy, and that “drastic carbon cuts would be the poorest way to respond to global warming.”10
As Desmog reports, Lomborg appears to be directly contradicting himself.11″

Make up your mind dude.