June 24th, 2024

No surprise chief resigned

By Lethbridge Herald on March 9, 2022.


Whether it be army commanders or city police chiefs, we rely upon them to act instantly and decisively in circumstances where second guessing is a constant hazard. A good leader must maintain a supportive relationship with his lieutenants, never bicker with them, never impugning their competence. He knows instinctively that he will rely on their unwavering support when things get rough. And he will never need to avoid taking actions that he knows will be criticized.

A clear example of this was the mess in Ottawa, a mess that should have been prevented before it even began. Where were our police as the “freedom fighters” were setting up? Anti-mandaters were not particularly secretive about their mission as they journeyed across Canada. Their convoys could easily have been detected and intercepted long before getting to the nation’s capital, and long before others joined on.

The Ottawa police chief knew his department could not be counted on, and he knew it was entirely his fault. Therefore it should be no surprise he has chosen to resign!

Herman Gom


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old school

It was hard for the police to deal with a peaceful, legal demonstration.
There was too much push from politicians to get rid of the demonstrators though and they had to resort to “different” tactics. Perhaps he resigned because he didn’t want to tread on anyones constitutional rights. Word on the street, though , indicates Ottawa Police Force has problems of its own. A news search will reveal that as a fact.


Disagree. From the beginning Trudeau needed a fall guy. Only one who could be forced to resign or fired is this police chief. The rest are “covered” by election or faceless bureaucrats. The chief is the sacrificial lamb for this massive government overreach

Southern Albertan

Canada, et al, were not prepared for actions such as illegal blockades and losing control of the capital city. Other countries, having experienced these things before, have now, proactive preventions in place, i.e. The Netherlands/The Hague, by their parliament entrances/surrounding streets, have huge cylinders sunken in the ground across the road and if there is a threat, they are raised, thus preventing entry by any vehicles. One might also think twice about messing with Dutch marines who would be readily deployed.
Time for Canada to grow up, and not be so smug as to think that crap like this wouldn’t happen here, and to get proactive preventions in place, including paying more attention to intelligence by CSIS, and intelligence from other countries.


What is really missing in our police and military is MORALITY. Instead we have total adherence to COMMANDS,be the command being moral or not. The Ottawa Convoy was a total farce, and handled immorally and unconstitutionally as well as illegally. WE can thank Klaus SCHWA’s puppet for that.