June 19th, 2024

Protesters were bullies

By Lethbridge Herald on March 9, 2022.


I spend a great deal of my time being frustrated with many things that all have one thing in common. Bullies. The most recent frustration I’ve experienced is the so called protest held at the Coutts border crossing and is as big a display of bullies as we have had the misfortune to be subjected to. Because they have big trucks and equipment they took advantage of a society that has generally been of the live and let live mentality with a reasonable adherence to reasonable rules. 

This group of well-led individuals took advantage of us by first proclaiming they were saving Canada and by waving the Canadian flag around convincing their like-minded counterparts of how wonderful they all were. Disgusting. My whole being shudders at what the world must now think of us. 

We sure are following Big Brother’s example. Because they are willing to be violent in a peaceful society for reasons all their own, they hold us hostage and I guess we are going to let them. Bullies and nothing more.

Curtis Allred 


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Everything you eat, everything you drive, everything your house is built with and everything in it, was delivered by a trucker. We mustn’t forget that the purpose of the blockade was to bring attention to the federal mandate that put 16,000 of them on the curb.

Fedup Conservative

Tell us exactly how that is true when 90% of the truckers were smart enough to follow the rules and these fools weren’t smart enough to do so. Explain to us how if Trudeau had scraped the Covid regulations we know Biden wouldn’t have as the truckers have pointed out.
How does it become a beat up on Trudeau problem when it was a North American problem with Biden just as involved. It proves how stupid these Canadians truly are. I forgot the Reformers told you so, right? Too bad you can’t think for yourself.


Yes, and how long was it before those paragons of virtue got their milk money stolen by bad actors, including a biblical literalist, white supremacists, self-appointed vigilantes and anarchists who tried to convince police officers to disobey orders, and, let’s not forget, a group who stand accused of conspricacy to commit murder?

Guy Lethbridge

I don’t think Buckwheat deserves the negative rating. He is essentially correct: truckers deliver most of what we get at SafeWay and Home Depot and a lot of other places. And, the purpose of the protest was to bring attention to the federal mandate. Factually correct information . I can even get behind the original cause. At the time of protest, 90% of the truckers were vaccinated. For almost 2 years, when none of them were vaccinated, we called them hero’s for continuing to deliver our goods. We called them “essential workers”. Then all the sudden , the mandate… granted it wasn’t one sided, the Canadian and US gov’t were both complicit. That’s all BW said. He is not wrong.

Then of course, the movement was corrupted by the groups, that despite the fact were free to demonstrate, and could still be today if it was kept peaceful and lawful, started screaming about their freedom, protesting all public health measures (in a global pandemic). The losers who took a symbol that means a great deal to me, our flag, and turned it into something corrupt and dirty. The white nationalists, nazi flag wavers, and anarchist group who have been charged with plotting to kill an RCMP officer. Yeah, peaceful bunch.

So yeah, I’d stand up behind the original cause, but not what to turned into.

Last edited 2 years ago by Guy Lethbridge

If you really think that was the original cause, how do you explain all the pre-printed F* Trudeau messages? Shouldn’t they have also read F* Biden?
Aren’t you forgetting how a similar crowd stalked and threatened Trudeau during the last federal election in a way that was unprecedented in Canada, using megaphones at rallies (precursors to blaring truck horns?) And you seem to be forgetting the “proposal” to dismantle the government…

Guy Lethbridge

I think I covered that group in my second paragraph, “anarchist group”.. There isn’t anything you said that I disagreed with . While I support a peaceful protest, I do not support the BS that followed. The trucker protest was blindsided.


You’ll have to share, buckwheat, how those unvaccinated 16,000 got into the US with the same mandates, so that a quarantine upon return became a deal breaker. It sounds like a tall tale to me.


I will share, for months they were exempt and then the feds came up with the new mandate, placing 16000 on the sideline. Coincidentally Biden came up with the same at approximately the same time. I crossed the border in January and no one even asked me for a vaccine passport, so you can determine the frustration from that alone. You can call them stupid if you like for not lining up for the shot. The movement was co-opted by some meatheads, the truckers went from being hero’s to zeros overnight.


well said.



Last edited 2 years ago by phlushie
Southern Albertan

Again, there is the glaring contrast between ‘freedom’ from masks and vaccines (even though there was still choice involved) and ‘freedom’ from Putin/Russia. And the involvement of $millions in farm equipment and trucks, trailers, etc. doing illegal blockades? And the hijacking of so-called ‘freedom convoys’ by radical military groups?
Many folks in Ukraine may have already, lost their lives, let alone their houses. Isn’t it something to have the Russian invasion of Ukraine to see what priorities in life there are, and put things into perspective.


I think “hijacking” is the wrong word in this context. Except for the guns at Coutts, I think they were cut from the same cloth. After all, what used to just be Progressive Conservatives and Republicans have morphed into something else altogether— reformers, cons, the alt-right, the extreme right, the religious right. And then there are all the formal groups of “faux warriors” like the “proud boys.” This is why there are now books written chronicling how the right wing has lost its mind.
Similarly and tellingly, LYING has proliferated along with “social” media, taking on a life of its own via algorithms that now threaten all of us and our democracy, truly, i.e. fake news, alternative facts, misinformation, mistruth, post-truth. Now all these once obscure psychos can find each other, and form a community, to use the term loosely.

Fedup Conservative

You have certainly nailed it. All these idiots who support them need to wake up. Most of them are seniors as my senior friends and I have noted, and they have convinced young relatives to agreed with them. However we are hearing more and more young people telling us they wished they had listened to these stupid seniors and won’t do it again.


they were all men – bad men,, all men are bad.


bullies – the pro-forced vaxers. can one be more invasive, more full of oneself, than to determine that you own the body of another.

Fedup Conservative

We have now had nine family and friends, including myself and my wife, who ended up with COVID, yet because we have all been fully vaccinated none of us ended up with nothing more than a bad cold , yet we continue to hear of these fools , like you who are dying because you are too stupid to become vaccinated. We think our doctor friends are right the more people get vaccinated leaving the guys who won’t the bigger the risk it is for your life. So be a hero and play Russian roulette with your life we don’t care.


haha – everyone is dying…a measly 6 million 2 years along, out of a world pop at a disastrous 8 billion. and, the vast, vast majority of the dead were already close before covid.
so, you vaxed and still got covid – what happened to the science?! the science that has changed numerous times throughout the shamdemic. behold the new science that “changes.” guess what, i have covid, and without vaxes it is just like a cold. go figure.
all that aside, it is great that one had a choice to take vaxes or whatever one wants to take. that is freedom. a most fundamental freedom is the right to decide for one’s body. what is and has not been freedom is the mandates that forced vaxes on people. get a grip. that is fascism, totalitarianism, autocracy.


and THE BULLY wants us vaxed by a concoction that doesn’t prevent infection or spread of infection: but has 9 pages (of small print) of adverse effects (and you should read that science they wanted to keep secret). but most people used ‘what you don’t know won’t hurt you”


spot on. everyone suddenly became a “scientist” and in the big pharm information loop, no less! outrageous! they each just regurgitated the official narrative as spun by big pharma, and then presented with govt approval. wow – can there be two groups with such massive checkered histories than big pharm and govt? and these are what people blindly followed. and then, haha!, each fool began spouting off like they are acclaimed scientists that have the inside scoop, as if each worked in the big pharma serial animal torture labs themselves. and how many time has the “science” changes since the get-go? lol changing “science”, alternative facts science – reality and truth bent to keep some rotten official narrative mutating along. laughing all the way to the bank – oh, so very much money that spilled from the public trough into the hands of the select few. massive profits – record profits, which is saying something – raked in by the uppermost of the top 1%. and still, they are selling the vaxes that, for the vast, vast majority of people, really do nothing to prevent covid. haha!


its the new definition of POLITICAL SCIENCE