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Putin will be remembered for being a bloodthirsty tyrant

By Lethbridge Herald on March 23, 2022.


All wars are a symptom of human failure as a thinking animal.” – John Steinbach

Vladimir Putin is making a colossal mistake. Not only Russians and Ukrainians but also he himself will have to pay a terrible price for starting an unwanted war. 

History will remember him as a cruel sociopath responsible for the deaths of thousands of innocent lives and destruction of a beautiful country. When do we learn that war does not solve anything?

Homo sapiens is the only species that fights war within the same species against each other. Other living organisms fight for food and sex partners but do not engage in wars. They don’t kill unknown strangers en masse. 

History has proven that wars never solve problems but worsen existing bad situations. Then what is Mr. Putin up to by invading Ukraine unprovoked? Outrageous madness! Thousands of innocent people have already died and more will. Millions became refugees. It is creating worse situations for all parties since the German invasion of Poland in 1939. We must do everything to help save lives and to prevent all-out war. Many pundits predict a devastating result of Putin’s fatal mistake not only on Russian and Ukrainian people, but also on Mr. Putin himself personally.

Many dictators died pathetic and often violent deaths. It will be a repeat of Soviet misadventure into Afghanistan during the 1980’s. It resulted in the downfall of the Russian Empire “USSR.” 

The bottomless quagmire dragged the Russian economy into the bottomless bog and turned the populace against the once powerful empire.

 Humans fought each other from time immemorial. History tells us that there haven’t been very many positive effects on the victors as well as on vanquished. No one wins a war. Like Bob Dylan lamented: “When will we ever learn?”

As the Second World War ended, severe recession fell on the U.K. It was so bad that people rejected the war hero Winston Churchill in the general election. The American economy was going through the same doom and gloom. Severe recession fell while Germany and Japan thrived in an economic miracle. A standup comedian Jackie Mason proposed a quick passage to prosperity. “Declare a war against Germany and Japan, and surrender the next day. We get lots of foreign aid, and we will kick start the economy.” Often comedians are a sharpest and acute observer like Charlie Chaplin was. The current president of Ukraine Valensky was a comedian. The mighty Russian army may be defeated by a comedian in a green T-shirt. 

When I came to Canada in 1957, in Vancouver where I was appointed to my first job in Canada, the city was full of the elites of the Japanese business class who were representatives of trading companies. 

I had the luck (or misfortune) to get invited to the parties at the Consul General’s Rresidence often because some of them came to my church. 

Many of those businessmen were former officers of the defeated former Japanese military. They were full of passion for revenge but through commerce and technology: Buy up everything Canada wanted to sell: coal, lumber, oil, fish, wheat, oil, everything, and sell superior quality technological manufactured goods: cars, electronic gizmos, mortor-bikes, etc. The passionate conversation was frightening for one committed to Canada. I quit going there. 

In retrospect, I guess they succeeded not in the war but in commerce and technology. Germany can tell the same story. 

When will we ever learn? Nobody wins a war. Mr. Putin is trapped in the same bottomless quagmire and will be remembered as a blood-thirsty tyrant like Joseph Stalin.

Tadashi (Tad) Mitsui


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old school

Tad ,you should also consider what or who instigated the invasion.Also very troubling is Zelenskyy’s thirst for WW3. Many times he has urged countries and UN to become involved. The bio-weapons labs in Ukraine are but one of many concerns for Mr. Putin and the Russian people.

John P Nightingale

A country is invaded (Ukraine) and the leader of that country (Zelensky) fights back with almost Churchillian rhetoric and it is he who is the war monger ? The country has lost Crimea, essentially lost its eastern provinces, its major cities lie in ruins and let’s not forget the human toll. Or perhaps you missed all of this?
The history of these two countries is certainly complicated but the fact remains that there is currently one oppressor and one only. (Two if you include Belarus)
As for the bio-labs being a concern – only if they become controlled by the Kremlin.
Asking for support against an overwhelming invader is an understandable request , one that you clearly do not understand. Imagine a northern invasion from Russia penetrating Canadian Arctic. Would our government be engaging in “war mongering”when we asked for the inevitable American support?
This carnage is Putin induced . It is Putin’s ego. It is his yearning for the good ole days of the KGB. He cares nothing about the thousands of persons displaced or killed.
And to repeat : You question who is the war monger? Think again.


What are you smoking? What instigated the invasion is a narcissist psychopath with delusions of a new Russia!
Zelensky’s people, including women and children, are getting shredded in a meat grinder of war crimes and you say he wants WWIII. You’re insane.

Les Elford

Yes. Tad; tragically, you are absolutely correct. What Putin is doing in Ukraine and Russia is nothing but horrific, tragic and nightmarish.
Please understand, the intent of my following comments is not to minimize or undermine your profound comments and or the reality of the horror in Ukraine; but simply to ask;
WHERE HAVE ALL THE LEADERS GONE?  And ask what in the world is happening here in our own country? And perhaps encourage others to think and ask the same.  
Why can’t Canadian’s have a President Zelensky leading our country or provinces?
I am just wondering; do you think such a person exists in Canadian politics today ?
Please consider the following article.
The Emergency Act is/was a significant and extreme abuse and overreach of power and is; illegal and unconstitutional. If you don’t believe me; please listen to what Canadian Senators said; “Millions of Canadians supported that protest of continued government intrusion. I don’t think it is any more complicated. The irony is; intrusion in lives ……resulted in … more intrusion. I do not believe we need the Emergency Act.”  (Senator Scott Tanna) 
The Prime Minister ran and hid during the Freedom Convoy and attacked his own citizens, much like Putin is doing in Russia.

Please consider this “leader’s” behaviour and actions; to the current behaviour, actions, heroism and real leadership of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky; who is under real threat and danger to his life and every citizen in Ukraine.  While this horrific, tragedy and evil is unfolding before our eyes by a real madman, a real terrorist. 
President Zelensky has galvanized, every one of the 44 million people in his country to fight and gathered the support and admiration from freedom seeking people around the world.
I will admit this is a horrific, unprecedented, nightmarish circumstance for anyone to be in and to be responsible for.  I admit, our Canadian Prime Minister and some MPs have” manned up” a little since this horrific; disaster began. It seemed to take a while to get started but thankfully; they have offered significant support, sanctions munitions, financial and humanitarian aid to Ukraine.
I just wonder where the “real leaders” are? ….Where have they gone???? Do they exist anymore?  I think they used to.
President Zelensky will certainly be immortalized as a “true leader” What will Mr. Trudeau be immortalized for ? ….. Perhaps; creating a Liberal/ NDP alliance and creating enough consequences for future generations to be paying for decades.
I wonder if this Ukraine atrocity were happening here in Canada; would /could our current Prime Minister and Liberal party MP’s be capable of anything close to President Zelensky’s level of leadership?
Mr. Zelensky may become an; idolized, iconic hero. Admired, respected and honoured  throughout history. 

Our Prime Minister well … I wonder if history will remember him the same way?
The possibility of these, excessive powers (Emergency Act) morphing into something similar to China’s “social rating scale” is terrifying. The fact our Prime Minister has repetitively and historically admitted openly; his admiration for the regimes of Communist China and Cuba is also terrifying.
If the Federal government had their way, these; “Putin like powers” would have become permanent; regardless of whether civil unrest and dissent existed or not. So in other words; if you publicly disagreed with the Federal Government, you were at risk of being labelled a deviant and your bank assets would /could be frozen. Yes there may have been money contributed that came from questionable, dangerous sources and yes that money should be able to be frozen, but not the contributions made by average Canadian citizens expressing their right to disagree with government policy.   
The implementation of the Emergency Act into law; could have been the development of a very slippery slope. Thankfully, it did not happen. At the very least, it does give us a glimpse into the way the Prime Minister thinks and how his mind works. What this Prime Minister attempted to do to the Canadian citizenry; is not as extreme as what Putin is doing, obviously.
Admittedly; I do not know enough about the new Bill C-11. I was aware the old Bill C-10 restricted the element of free speech and privacy in a once democratic country and helped make telecommunication companies more powerful and wealthy. I mistakenly thought, Bill C-10 was dead. Knowing the antics of this “government” and this” leader,” I should have been more aware.
https://action.openmedia.org/page/90274/action/1?ea.tracking.id=om  (Another petition to Reform Canada’s censorship plan!)
Open Media’s previous comments re Bill C-10 “Our government is promising to pass sweeping legislation on ‘harmful content’ on the Internet soon — but if they pass their current proposal, it will be an absolute disaster for our freedom of expression and human rights.
Under their current proposal, vast numbers of our lawful online posts could be scrubbed from the Internet, including those encouraging participation in protests, raising the alarm about graphic human rights abuses, humour and satire, consensual sexual expression, and more.
Why? Because our government’s current proposed system harshly penalizes any online platform that fails to proactively detect and remove actually illegal content within 24 hours – and all our legitimate posts will be so much collateral damage. What’s even worse, the government has proposed reporting all these posts directly to CSIS and the RCMP – creating an unprecedented surveillance database of lawful user speech in Canada.” (Open Media)
The issue may be; what the government determines is “harmful.”  “Harmful” too whom you may ask? Well simply, “harmful” to “them” …the current Federal Government.
Please ask yourself this; When has any Canadian Regulatory Agency ever done anything in the best interests of the people compared to the best interests of the government and corporations? (i.e. Securities Regulators, Environmental Regulators. In this case, the CRTC. Even;  Alberta UCP Minister Sonya Savage admits there is much work that need to be done to make our Regulatory agencies, efficient, operational and ethical.
Fool me once …shame on me …. Fool me twice, shame on you.
While obviously not as violent or extreme the similarity between, Mr. Trudeau’s policies, tactics and agenda regarding the dismantling of personal freedoms and Mr. Putin’s (and other tyrannical dictators tactics (Mr. Trudeau admittedly admires) is obvious. 
I suspect not all; will agree with the above. That’s ok. That is what freedom and democracy is all about. I hope we can keep that in Canada, and I hope we can do better. Please do not misunderstand; I love my country, we are very fortunate to live here and call ourselves Canadians. 
At one time; before all this internal bickering, strife, division, divisiveness, tribalism, hatred and favouritism of certain provinces began; I was quite proud of being a Canadian. Now I am embarrassed and quite frankly worried about what may be next on this Prime Minister’s agenda.
I don’t know whether another existing political party or politician would /could do any better.  I really don’t. I don’t have affiliation with any political party.  I simply believe; when injustice exists, silence is dangerous.
l hope you will at least; consider the above and be open to reviewing the links provided and lastly listen to this beautiful;  prolific song so relevant today. (I hope it plays ok for you)
“Abraham Martin and John” by DION performed live at Abbey Road on the River 2018
Les Elford

John P Nightingale

“Respectfully” Les, why must you segue into a rant about Trudeau et al? You agree it would seem with Tad and for that I must agree. But keep to the topic please.

Last edited 2 years ago by John P Nightingale

Les was not off topic, he was simply pointing out that we have Putin running Canada, which is closer to home, not in Europe/


I highly recommend you use a powerful laxative, flushy, you’re packed!

old school

Russia’s proposal to the UN for Aid and voluntary and unhindered evacuation was defeated by UN Security Council.There are too many stories of Ukraine army attacking their own civilians and /or using them for human shields.Where there’s smoke there is usually a fire somewhere.For some reason Zelenskyy seems hell-bent on having WW3.Just look a little further than mainstream propaganda, um oops mainstream news.

John P Nightingale

Interesting. And your source is?


As soon as I read…..don’t trust the mainstream media … I know I am dealing with a narrow-minded, poorly read person.

What Russia was trying to pull off is the equivalent of them burning down your house and then asking the fire department to rebuild it so you have a nice place to live and then say Russia did not burn it down.

U.S. Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield countered that Russia was “attempting to use this council to provide cover for its brutal actions.”
“It really is unconscionable that Russia would have the audacity to put forward a resolution asking the international community to solve a humanitarian crisis that Russia alone created,” she said. “Russia does not care about the deteriorating humanitarian conditions. … If they cared, they would stop fighting. Russia is the aggressor, the attacker, the invader, the sole party in Ukraine engaged in a campaign of brutality against the people of Ukraine, and they want us to pass a resolution that does not acknowledge their culpability.”

Also, to say Zelensky wants WWIII is one of the most ignorant statements I have ever heard. Get a grip!

Last edited 2 years ago by Sharkmeister
John P Nightingale

You really believe that? Don’t travel much do you? Imagine you suggesting this right now in Moscow and see if you are still walking the streets tomorrow. (Or in N Korea or in China, or in Myanmar, or in N Sudan or…….)



it is true what they say. the higher educated no more and more about less and less.

John P Nightingale

Kindly elaborate. (Without casting dispersions.) As often happens on these “discussions”, they degenerate into ad hominem attacks and no real substance. You made a suggestion earlier that we are being run by an individual not unlike Putin. Explain.


I postulated a theorem, you prove me wrong not me prove me right as my theorem is from observation of many facts.

John P Nightingale

OK, I’ll bite.
Your “theorem” postulated that Trudeau runs Canada like Putin. (Unless you consider Trudeau a Putin puppet.) Utter none sense. Since when did Trudeau imprison political opponents? Since when did Trudeau arbitrarily imprison demonstrators?(Convoy protesters were repeatedly warned) Since when did Trudeau invade a sovereign country, slaughter entire cities inhabitants and instigate widespread critical infrastructure destruction? Since when did Trudeau deny free press coverage? Since when did Trudeau create a pseudo rally to glorify himself and his actions?
You did more than “postulate” actually. You stated categorically that our elected PM (popular vote notwithstanding) is our latter day Putin.
(And BTW, his use of Emergency Measures whilst not accepted by all, was at least a temporary measure almost immediately lifted. His vaccination mandates for travellers was not done unilaterally and without consultation.)
His actions whilst worthy of informed criticism, are not worthy of equating him with Putin and by extension Hitler and Stalin.
The very fact that you can write highly critical statements of our PM without fear of any reprisals, is reason enough to distance yourself from suggesting a Putin mentality.
Finally you have “ observed many facts”. Any good theorem in order to be accepted must produce accurate facts in order to be accepted. You have thus far, produced zero. (Try using “reasoning” and “accepted” truths to defend your postulated theorem.)
Mr Elford’s segue at least produced evidence and was quite nuanced. These admiral traits are lacking in your discourse.


Well that was a slam dunk if I ever saw one! WTG!
And poof flushy is gone!

Last edited 2 years ago by h2ofield
old school

Back to Zelenskyy wanting WW3 ,I ask you how many times has he asked for , or demanded a no fly zone? U.S. and NATO keep dancing around the demand.Why do you suppose that might be? Putin nuclear reaction could be a reason for their hesitancy. This is not unrealistic and I have no doubt Mr. Putin has his fingers closer to the button than sleepy Joe. And I maintain that there is more to this war than just Russia wanting a little more real estate.Hunter Biden and his dad have some history in Ukraine.Some of it has to do with laboratories.


Are you sure it’s got nothing to do with running a crime ring out of a pizza parlor?