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The criticisms of Canada’s prime minister justified

By Lethbridge Herald on April 6, 2022.


“Politics is full of children,” veteran British PM Margaret Thatcher once quipped. We’ve just seen some really thin-skinned ones overreact (April 1) to a retweeted criticism of Justin Trudeau by our MP Rachael Thomas. The tweet itself, by EU Parliamentarian Mislav Kolakuši, is deadly accurate. “Dictator”?! Let the Liberals recoil!

Yet Trudeau himself told us he admires basic dictatorship. Was he lying?

 He fronts a government and political party that arrogates public money and decision-making increasingly to itself. We’ve just absorbed an April Fool’s double-tap: more for Ottawa, less for you. And this, following an election in which 70 per cent did not vote for his party. Were prime ministerial candidates directly on the ballot, Trudeau wouldn’t be PM at all. 

The “services” and “rebates” his government offer are hollow mockeries. If our money didn’t progressively lose purchasing power, who would need government services? We involuntarily part with the funds – any paybacks, only a portion of what’s taken from us. This system rigs a gross imbalance of power. 

As money concentrates at the top, so too does power. Very pleasing to a dictatorial aspirant.

Not so pleasing to Justin was his European reception. Outspoken Parliamentarians denounced him, then stayed away from his speech. 

Rachael Thomas continues to articulate our concerns on the Commons floor. Unfortunately, she attracts a fair amount of spite. No, Chris Spearman, we don’t need to go to Russia to “understand dictatorship firsthand,” we need to thwart it here, among liberal democracies. His own legacy left us a glass house: Easterners who know of this city refer to it as “Methbridge.” How’d that happen? Is Chris the guy to be throwing rocks?

It’s no surprise to hear from the obviously unpopular Shannon Phillips, and struggling also-ran Devon Hargreaves, in howling against a social media share that could have said much more. Loyalty to such a petulant man-child is indeed a struggle. But please, spare us the affect displays. I doubt you were truly that shocked. And if you were, you still have yet to hear the worst that can be said about Justin Trudeau.

Tom Yeoman


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Fedup Conservative

As much as I would like to agree with Tom I’m not going to call Trudeau is a bum after watching what Ralph Klein did to us using Reform Party policies. His disaster is legendary, and I am certainly not going to ignore how Trudeau saved this province during this pandemic.
All Tom needs to do is pull up Ralph Klein on the internet and read what a fool he was praising General Augusto Pinochet , closing hospitals, kicking out doctors, nurses and teachers while he helped his rich friends steal our oil and tax wealth , just like Jason Kenney is doing.
We will be lucky if we have any doctors and nurses left when he gets finished kicking them around, like he is promising to do. Where are these seniors who are supporting him going to get medical help when they need it?

Fedup Conservative

This points out what Trudeau did for Albertans and we know the oil executives appreciated it.
“Ottawa Spent More Money In Alberta Than It Raised In Taxes in 2020 Economists Say ”
This while Kenney fed these stupid Albertans the lie that Ottawa was stealing all our money.


Deflection…a popular tool of those with no point to make. Why raise Klein when the discourse is on Trudeau?
Is see you have moved on from ” stupid seniors” to ” stupid Albertans” with your bile. You must be a very lonely person sitting on that high mountain of virtue.

Fedup Conservative

Over coffee yesterday we were talking about how you can call 50 seniors stupid, yet the only ones who are offended by it are the stupid ones. The rest are smart enough to know you aren’t talking about them. They know exactly who you mean.
Lawyers state that the ones who attack you feel guilty about what they have done, but aren’t man enough to admit it , like so many others we have talked to have. They know electing Ralph Klein and Jason Kenney was a huge mistake. These two were total disasters for this province and the facts prove it. Both were Liberals turned Reformers.

The thing that was so stupid about it was the fact that Albertans thought the NDP could fix in only 4 years what these Reformers created in 25 years and we know it can’t be done and Albertans should have been smart enough to realize it. Instead they believed every lie Jason Kenney fed them and they won’t make that mistake again they tell us. Are you going to?


Come-on FC still waiting for your Klein-did-it tie-in with the whole Russia-Ukraine issue! I have faith YOU can do this!


Exactly how did Trudope save this province during the pandemic????


Sit back and enjoy this crowd coming at you

Wokeness , cruel, divisive, exclusionary and hateful. It provides mean spirited people a shield to be mean and cruel armoured in false virtue.  Paraphrasing Elon Musk 


Again, the conservative stock in trade, to accuse others of what they themselves are doing

Fedup Conservative

Tony As my friends point out blaming others is all they have they can’t brag about what they have done to benefit anyone other than their rich friends. Using taxpayers oil and tax wealth to try to buy votes is all they have.


Still trying to bait people, eh Buck?

Fedup Conservative

Once again the polls prove that Jason Kenney is a loser and you are still kissing his ass. Good for you. It gives us a good laugh at how stupid you are.

Les Elford

Mr. Yeoman. Thank you. Thank you for this. I agree 100% with what you are saying and also agree with Buckwheat’s comments. The EU MP’s called him out for what he is, but the Canadian News media sure didn’t play it very much did they?

Wouldn’t it be incredible if Canada had a leader equivalent to President Zelensky’s ability. Does such a person even exist today in Canadian politics?

Why can’t we demand nothing less than excellence from our politicians?

Alas … another April 1st has come and gone, and along with it of course another increase in the carbon tax and of course the annual salary increase for our MP’s. I believe Mr. Trudeau’s increase for 2020 or 2021 was about $6450.00

During this time of “temporary inflation” when average citizens are worried about increasing; mortgage costs, rising food costs and gas costs and utility costs, we the people should demand either; each and every MP, Senator and the Prime Minister publicly donate this salary increase to an Ukraine Humanitarian Charity or pass a law that these increases stop. I would suggest they are paid enough, perhaps more than enough.


Les Elford

Southern Albertan

There is the thing though, with holding one’s nose when voting. Despite Trudeau’s foibles, weaknesses, unkept promises, entitlement…..folks appear to be less enthused with the now Conservative, right wing extremist authoritarian politics and their infighting. Perhaps, it is another reminder that folks can vote for other politics than the Liberals and the Conservatives.

Les Elford

I think you nailed it, but I sure don’t like being bought off by the Lib/NDP coalition.

Les Elford

Southern Albertan

The deal between the Libs and NDs is not a coalition, in the formal sense, but is known as a ‘supply and confidence agreement.’ It is a legitimate function in our Westminster parliamentary system and Canadians should, perhaps, familiarize themselves, more with it particularly if we start to experience more minority governments either federally or provincially when it would be used more often. It does represent the ‘more working together’ aspect of things. The NDs can back out any time if the agreement does not ‘work,’ so they have their bases covered. They can also vote against the Liberals on any policy with which they disagree. It can be a way of getting progressive policies through…which is how many of us see it. The Liberals and the Conservatives have often ‘used/stolen’ good ideas from the NDs anyway and this is a good way for the NDs to get it done.

Fedup Conservative

Who’s being bought off by anyone. We are pleased that they are going to hold each other accountable to make certain that Canadians are listened to and well looked after. What’s wrong with that?

It’s the Reformers who want a dictatorship so they can kick the people around like they are doing in Alberta, or haven’t you noticed?
You don’t cut $9.4 billion off corporate taxes to benefit your rich friends then treat doctors, nurses, teachers and students like third class citizens, or want to kick out the RCMP so you can put in a force so that you can use it on people who don’t agree with you, do you?

Southern Albertan has certainly got it right. It’s these damn Reformers we have got to get rid of. There is nothing Conservative about them.


Rachel Thomas made fool of herself in Parliment with her ridiculous “Definition of Dictator” comments.
Really brilliant to say, “Dictator” then say that Canadians will decide in the next Election. – I’ll leave the irony of that to itself. Laughable as it is.
I also find it funny that Jason Kenney weeps tears about Federal carbon taxes…while quietly raising the Provincial rate by…what was it? 20%?

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