June 15th, 2024

Yeoman was right

By Lethbridge Herald on April 9, 2022.


A big toast to Tom Yeoman regarding his letter in the Herald dated April 6.

His letter expressed very eloquently my take on what is happening in Ottawa – a view that is shared by the vast majority in my circle.

We have seen what the man from Ottawa and his clique have accomplished in the last 6 years. Can you imagine the harm that will now ensue with his present majority? Mr. Trudeau can now “RESET” the direction of this once great country. Oh the possibilities.

Yes I agree with Rachael Thomas. We are governed by a dictatorship without the old checks and balances. Unfortunately most Canadians seem to be oblivious to the dangers.

William Halma


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Fedup Conservative

As much as my conservative friends and I would like to agree with you. Why don’t you be a hero and provide us with a list of all the horrible things Trudeau has done to us while the economists and lawyers point out that he has in fact saved Albertans butts, and this article proves it.
Wouldn’t it be a lot smarter to look at the facts instead of believing the lies these Reformers feed you?
” Alberta Received More Money From Feds Than from Revenue Last year”

Southern Albertan

Perhaps, the letter to the editor above by James Tagg is a more apt representation of what certain words really mean.
Even if it is understood what a real, formal ‘dictatorship’ means, it is being used here in a gas-lighting, ignorant manner.
As has been said before, this sort of right wing extremism is causing the split and infighting in conservative politics these days. Folks who understand what is behind all of this including the effect of the disturbing American and racist ‘nationalist christian’ movement, are not, going to vote for this sort of ungovernable politics, will hold their noses and park there votes elsewhere.

Fedup Conservative

As a lawyer friend used to say I wonder what it’s like to be so stupid you have to let a drunkard like Ralph Klein do your thinking for you because you aren’t smart enough to do it yourself. My senior friends and I have talked about it over coffee many times. Too many seniors are ignoring the facts and are believing the lies these Reformers feed them proving how stupid they really are. But then as we know seniors have a horrible reputation for allowing con-artists to steal all their lifesaving because they are just too gullible and politicians are no different they find seniors easy to fool.

A great example of this is what a senior in Calgary told me years ago. Him and his wife were at a Ralph Klein fund raising dinner. He said Klein’s speech was nothing more than a pack of lies, yet the seniors sitting around them were believing every one of them. After it was over he went to the washroom before driving home. When he came out of the washroom here was Klein talking to one of his MLAs . He overheard Klein say “I could tell these idiots anything and they would believe it”

That is certainly the Ralph Klein our family knew. He loved making people look really stupid and who better than seniors.

Les Elford

In addition to repetitively and openly expressing his admiration for dictators in countries such as China and Cuba, who exhibit no respect for individual rights and human life (no disrespect to Cuban and Chinese people).

This man; we are forced to call Prime Minister; has reinforced a convicted terrorist (who happened to kill a US medic and blew the eye out of another US Sergeant) 10.$ Million dollars with Canadian taxpayer’s money. In addition, he repetitively has associated with other known terrorists, terrorist associations and had selfies taken with them along with known sexual offenders.

He hangs around with quite a crew and reinforces them handsomely (or attempts to; think SNC- Lavalin).

I personally could never get my head around (the black face scandal) I couldn’t understand the humour in that and since then, always thought; he is just off,………. he must have grown up in a really dysfunctional family and just; not really gotten what he needed as a child.

Since enacting the Emergency Act; it is now easier to see how his brain works and how he reacts, to criticism and how immature he really is. attacking his own citizens because they dared to question his rule.

Yes’ “the terrorists” attacked him with “bouncy castles” Oh the horror! Yes, he then attacked these insurrectionists with an illegal and unconstitutional Emergency Act (which his own Senate… many of whom he appointed would not or could not in good conscious support) and freezes, or attempts to freeze these terrorist’s bank accounts.

Yet, when the real terrorist’s appear, he reinforces them with S10.4 Million, of taxpayer money or invites them to international dignitary social functions. It all sounds like something a dictator may do…don’t you think?

The “Great Reset” he is so desperate to implement; yet so reticent to explain scares the heck out of me. Sound like something Putin would say.

I hope The Trucker’s Convoy was the beginning of the “Great Awakening”

Yes; they unfortunately may have been infiltrated with some money from right wing whack -o’s from the USA. Yet the impetus of this movement sprung from what it appeared; most wanted; “freedom” from government control and removal of the mandates. Yet; the government was unwilling to let go of the control they had acquired during the pandemic.

This man is nothing but an entitled, narcissistic, bully who seldom puts his big boy pants on. Although I will give him credit for his response to the Ukraine crisis. His response to criticism is nothing more than; attacks and insults. Not much real leadership qualities there. Most of the time, he is just an Emperor with no clothes(except for his silly socks).

Human rights, and liberties freedom of speech has eroded significantly under his “leadership”

It is hard for many to visualize or agree with this as; what this government is really good at is;…..buying us off …….and making us all more and more dependent upon them ….until one day….some day we cannot function financially without some form of governmental support.


Les Elford


” Most of the time, he is just an Emperor with no clothes(except for his silly socks).”
Such a lame attempt.
No one.

Fedup Conservative

And nothing he has done has cost you a penny like what the Reformers have done to us.

Fedup Conservative

You have described Jason Kenney so why aren’t you bad mouthing him? You do know of course that because Stephen Harper didn’t handle the situation properly Trudeau was forced to do so by the Americans right?
Why don’t you tell us what all this has cost you personally like retired lawyers point out. It’s cost you nothing. Then look at what these damn Reformers have done to you starting with Ralph Klein. Highest property taxes, highest power bills, still paying second highest next to Ontario, highest auto registration fees, highest auto insurance, highest driver license fees, and highest liquor prices in Canada.
So why have you let these Reformers treat you like a moron why you believe all their lies?


You give yourself away here by bringing up “RESET.” Code in your circle of people who have never read much or followed things and didn’t do that well in school, are not thinkers, so are easy targets for the algorithms. You’ve been “had” I’m afraid, manipulated by the usual misinformation/disinformation. It’s spread unscrupulously and deliberately by a right wing that has changed for the worse, copying the American GOP model of shocking, nasty tactics that they get away with because no one has ever tried it, and have then moved on to outright lying. Like Putin. Have you not wondered why politics has become SO much more divided than it has EVER been? It’s political “strategy.”
You’ve heard of misinformation/disinformation right? It means you’re wrong.

Fedup Conservative

Did you notice the crowd of 100 people in Red Deer believing every Kenney lie was once again mainly seniors, giving him standing ovations to his lies?


Everyone should know Yeoman spends his full day huddled next to his radio feeding off CHQR. That explains his numbed mind.