June 17th, 2024

Justin Trudeau is not a dictator, contrary to the opinion of writer

By Lethbridge Herald on April 21, 2022.


The April 6 letter from Tom Yeoman defending Rachael Thomas demands an immediate response.

Although Justin Trudeau has made a lot of mistakes, he is not a dictator. 

 It is offensive to use that term when the world is focusing on the conduct of Vladimir Putin.  Trudeau has not silenced the media, has not imprisoned or poisoned the opposition, has not committed war crimes.  When he loses an election he will no longer be prime minister.

Tom should go back and research parliamentary democracy.   It is true a Prime Minister, with a majority (or an effective coalition with other parties) has more power than an American president:   Trudeau can make laws and pass budgets, and has a lot of influence in the appointment of judges.

Tom’s example of using the EU parliament member Mislav Kolakusic’s “deadly accurate” quote is foolish. Kolakusic, right wing extremist and an anti-vaxxer who claimed tens of thousands of people were dying from COVID vaccines, only agrees with the rest of the EU motions 14 per cent of the time.  

Two EU members of parliament criticized Trudeau, 703 other members did not.

Trudeau did not get 30 per cent of the vote in the last election; it was more than 33 per cent and within one per cent of the Conservative candidate.  

Combined Liberal and NDP votes were 49 per cent. A national survey recently showed that for the moment 63 per cent of Canadians are satisfied with the new agreement between the Liberals and NDP.

The Globe & Mail called MP Thomas’ “dictator” reference an embarrassment to Lethbridge and the entire Prairies. Justin Trudeau, flawed as he is, is not a dictator – he has no more power than Stephen Harper did when the Conservatives had a majority.

Allan Wilson


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Bill McDonald

Well said. All politicians must stop the American “Trump style” politics. Name calling, deceit, and bullying cannot be the method used to debate political views.It does not help anything to have an “all or nothing” style of debate, it simply allow the person with the biggest voice to drown out others opinion.
We need our politicians to act with professionalism and respect, the same way we want to be treated ourselves.


Bill what you said was true. When a politician is unethical they should be condemned for that and not allowed to over rule the charge, as Mr. Trudeau has, because that is an act of a dictator, as is total control of the media.

Fedup Conservative

And how are you going to prove that Trudeau has control of the media, if you are asked to do so in court, do you want to try? I am not a fan of Trudeaus but I’m not that stupid, so why are you?


get out


Trudeau is what I would call an aspiring dictator,without the backbone to actually succeed. I consider denying those who choose not to be vaccinated, for a whole host of reasons, the right to travel across their own country or around the world, a drastic dictatorial action, not to mention using the emergencies act to deal with a peaceful truckers demonstration, jailing them for misdemeanors. Disgusting arrogant , and totally unnecessary behavior from a prime minister.

Fedup Conservative

Apparently Zulu hasn’t talked to any retired police officers who are calling Trudeau a hero for how he handled the mess in Ottawa. What would Zulu have done, ignored it so they could have run up another cost to taxpayers of $36 million. He doesn’t give a damn about this pandemic killing people . As long as it doesn’t effect him he doesn’t care about anyone else. He has no sympathy for our doctors and nurses and what they have been through.

What a pathetic human being. Is it any wonder why true conservatives are calling guys like him and Johnny traitors for not supporting the rest of us.


It is a wonder. The reactionary right calling out a dictatorship while aspiring for the same.


The Pierre Poilievre freight train is rumbling down the tracks and gaining speed! Has Trudope and his aspiring authoritarian-style government in his cross-hairs! Hopefully first on his list is to defund the Liberal-conduit commonly know as the CBC. Next will be axing the poor-people-making, economy-killing carbon-tax.

If I was a Liberal I would be very concerned right now! Never had a PC membership before but that’s about to change.

Fedup Conservative

What hero Johnny is , as the former MLAs I knew would say. Just another damn Reformer for eastern Canadians to vote out just like Stephen Harper, Preston Manning’s, Andrew Scheer and Erin O’Toole the fool as my friends call him. I bet Johnny doesn’t even know, or care that Poilievre is a great pal of Jason Kenney’s , you know the guy Albertans want rid of, after all he was selling Reform Party Memberships for Jason Kenney when he was 16 years old and was an assistant for another Reform Party loser Stockwell Day in the Alliance Party.

You certainly have to give Johnny a lot of credit he knows how to pick losers. Too bad it doesn’t make him look very smart, does it?


It takes a loser to pick a loser..enter j57.


Bring it on LOSER! If you can!