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Frank Stronach’s words as worthy as those of a high-ranking professor

By Lethbridge Herald on April 23, 2022.


Over the months to date, the Herald has provided a forum for  U of L’s intelligentsia, past and present, claiming they’re all “underpaid”, “overworked” “underappreciated”, “treated unfairly” and more. In a letter rebutting another under my byline, a U of L prof claims “ no full time facility member works just a 40-hour, five day week.”  If true (doubtful) it’s tragic that anyone would willingly select a career yielding such unsatisfactory compensation or recognition. 

Add the following statement from the “highest rank in the facility” prof of psychology, “There are few positions in which 10 to 12 years of university studies (unpaid time) and 10+ years of working in the industry would only equate to $110,000,”

What a statement like that suggests to me is – what happened – bad choice in careers – what?  I’m a tradesman as proud as any “high ranking” professor. I achieved “highest rank” in my trade in four years. Measuring worthiness, progress, job satisfaction and so on against the scenario above, few professors ever approached me, or my fellow tradesmen in wages, quality of life, or much else. And bonus – through 40 years of unremitting dedication to the craft, I do not recall feeling, under-appreciated, underpaid, under the gun or anything else. I just packed the lunch pail and toddled off to work – my reward (no union held my hand), a joyful fully retired guy in my 50’s – it was so easy.

Recently, Frank Stronach, toolmaker, owner of one of Canada’s largest global companies – Magna International lamented “for the past several decades, we’ve been producing far to many social scientists and to few plumbers and electricians” “The plain truth is, as a society we haven’t done a very good job preparing young Canadians for good-paying careers in the skilled trades”

I’m unaware of a (non-union) tradesman lacking job security earning the equivalent of our “high ranking” suit at the U of L. 

Dr. Hilda Neatby, professor of history, author of “So little for the mind” is quoted: “Canadian schools are less and less concerned with intellectual achievement, they encourage a dislike for hard work.” That statement is as poignant today as when it was when delivered decades ago. Frank Stronach, whose words are as worthy as any “high ranking” bellyacher, would agree.

A.W. Shier


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Southern Albertan

In addition, the glaring shortage of doctors comes to mind here as well, and registered nurses, prosecutors, judges, teachers….in fact it may boil down to cutbacks to postsecondary education in not only blue collar jobs, but white collar as well. Smart countries/jurisdictions do not, do cutbacks to postsecondary education, but Alberta? Another UCP bumble, and another reason to give them the boot.

Last edited 2 years ago by Southern Albertan

If you care to google “shortage of doctors in Canada” it will enlighten you that this has been an ongoing issue country wide for a couple of decades. There are numerous articles regarding B.C., Ontario, Nova Scotia to name just a few. However, if you wish to blame just one government it reveals your lack of research in the hurry to display your bias.

Southern Albertan

That’s right but….those of us who were on the frontlines during the severe health care Klein era cutbacks knew, that the cuts then, to postsecondary (med schools at U of A and U of C) and cuts to medical resident spaces would impact us here, in Alberta, for years to come, particularly in rural Alberta. That’s a main factor as to what happened here, and now, we still, will suffer from cuts to postsecondary and not enough medical residency spaces. Like one of the doctors in Lethbridge said at the time of the Klein cuts, “people have to decide what they want.” Now, doctors have left the province, we don’t have enough doctors coming out of the med schools still….these are, our, ‘backyard’ issues.

Elohssa Gib

Good for you that you “a joyful fully retired guy” in your 50s. But as you “do not recall feeling, under-appreciated, underpaid, under the gun or anything else”, on what basis do you to sit in judgement of a person who has experienced that? You never know how tight some else’s shoes are unless you’ve walked in them.


Thank you for your perspective on the issue, we are fortunate to have your perspective on the matter. We will honour and implement your comments. Thank you.

Last edited 2 years ago by petercalendron

You speak of a false equivalency. Frank Stronach versus a high-ranking professor? Apples and oranges. The problem with the usual conservative take on things is your seeming inability to appreciate “others” and give credit where credit is due, i.e. mean-spirited and close minded.
Although we of the liberal persuasion have always indulged your natural limitations, assuming that your more closed mindset indicated a more FEARFUL mindset, and to a lesser extent you have returned the favour, things have now changed drastically. The problem is on your side because your (leaders) starting with Harper, have deliberately stoked division so you need to address it or we’re ALL in trouble.


do you have room for food…i mean, you come off here as so completely full of yourself. 4 measly years in your trade enables one to hit a pinnacle?! well, either the trade is so simple a slug could do it, or the standards are too low. there are many professions that require many more years in order to be deemed at the “top,” and they will also require ongoing demonstration of having met professional growth standards. but, besides that, the letter is rife with the immaturity far too typical of still too many in our world: an utter inability to see things beyond the narrow and selfish/self-absorbed scope of self. to grow beyond that requires work on things of the heart, like compassion, and love.