July 25th, 2024

Ridership count on city transit means more than percentage

By Lethbridge Herald on April 29, 2022.


Re: The Herald Wednesday April 27 “CityLink transit network to become permanent.”  The story goes on to say that a report submitted to council shows one time performance has improved by 26.07 per cent while ridership is up 65.73 per cent.

Those numbers are very impressive; however any time I watch a city bus go north or south on Mayor Magrath S. or in the downtown area  I count one or two passengers and I’m sure it’s not much better in the rest of the city.

Here is a different way of presenting figures: if there is only one passenger on the bus one day and there are two the next day, that would be a 100 per cent increase –  very impressive but totally meaningless and misleading.

So perhaps it would be better to give us the total ridership count rather than percentages.

 Barney Feenstra


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Citi Zen

Exactly correct, Barney. Mostcitbusrs that see have 1 or 2 passengers. The figures are manipulated to justify someone’s job in City Hall.