July 23rd, 2024

Thomas’ words reflected Europeans’ opinions of Trudeau

By Lethbridge Herald on May 5, 2022.


The front page story of a backlash over Lethbridge MP Thomas’ comments about PM Trudeau is at best an unpaid ad for the NDP/Liberal organizations. It left a number of facts unreported.

Al Beeber wrote that Thomas posted a tweet by Mislav Kolakusic, Croatian member of the European Parliament and former judge that stated “PM Trudeau in recent months under your quasi-Liberal boot, Canada has become a symbol of civil rights violations, the methods we witnessed may be liberal to you but to many citizens around the world it seemed like dictatorship of the worst kind.”

These words were actually addressed to PM Trudeau following his March 23 speech when he sounded off on purported threats to democracy by freedom protesters. 

Mr. Kolakusic went on to chastise PM Trudeau for the militarized crackdown on Ottawa protesters who had their bank accounts seized without cost order.

Romanian member of the European Parliament Christine Terles said “PM Trudeau is exactly like a tyrant, a dictator. He’s Ceausescu in Romania.” German member of the European Parliament Christine Andersen after calling out Trudeau said “you are a disgrace for any democracy. Please spare us your presence.”

Those remarks were widely reported in world newspapers around the world, even in Australia, but I have yet to see this reported by the Lethbridge Herald.

 It appears as though our Prime Minister was not well received at the European Parliament in Belgium. 

Out of the 700-member Parliament only 200 were present for PM Trudeau’s speech. I believe that Shannon Phillips, Chris Spearman and Devon Hargreaves owe MP Thomas an apology.

It is our prime minister who is an embarrassment to Canada. Rachael Thomas’ words were merely a reflection of what her European counterparts think of our prime minister.

I am a fan of Al Beeber’s reporting and look forward to reading his articles but was disappointed that he felt that the attack ons our MP Harder by three prominent but obviously poorly informed citizens should be front page news in our fine local newspaper.

Eric Weigelt


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The radical right (whose aspiration is a theocratic dictatorship) calling this Prime Minister a ‘dictator’ is beyond absurd. MP Thomas was quite wrong in using this charged and divisive language as a representative of this city and a sworn member if a ‘loyal’ opposition.


Kolakusic – right-wing, vocal anti-vaccer.
Terhes – Nationalist Christian-fascism (similar to Putin’s worldview)
Anderson – Right-wing activist of the Pegida alliance.

Should we not be concerned about this global trend in which the radical right debases language and politics – and to what end? To confuse and desensitize?

Canadians should be pushing back against this rhetoric, not simple-mindedly parroting it in parliament.

Southern Albertan

Agreed. The lack of knowledge on what a true dictatorship entails, is embarrassing. And yes, this is another indication of the influence of the disturbing American “christian nationalist” movement here. The percentage in lost votes in this riding to the PPC, and thus, the MP Thomas comments re: Trudeau, is another indication of how the CPOC are trying to woo these voters back.

Last edited 2 years ago by Southern Albertan

So the words are from members of the EU and she (Thomas) is the problem. Can the commenters be any more biased. Notice how all attack the messenger and ignore the message. Usual tripe. Fed up, Benny the bear (fescue) Southern AB all agreeing with each other.


Whatever, buck shot..I mean buckwheat.


It is telling that you are showing more respect for the nationalist right in the European government than your Prime Minister.

What message? That the far right thinks Trudeau is a ‘dictator’? That is both laughable and dangerous for substantive democracy.

Fedup Conservative

So while the majority don’t agreed with you, you think you are right and they are wrong Yet we think you are a Traitor and the Village Idiot. Thanks for giving us a good laugh we do appreciate it.

Les Elford

Bravo Mr. Weigelt!
Thank you. It’s not like Mr. Trudeau is an ethical, honest, up standing citizen. I believe the RCMP considered charging him with the criminal offence of fraud over the $200,000 taxpayer paid holiday on the Agha Kahan island.

Mr. Trudeau has masterfully created the divisiveness within this country. His recent use of the F- bomb was impressive, really impressive for a “world leader.” Although it was staged for effect. After all, he is a drama teacher.


What kind of thin-skinned wuss flips out over an f’ word? What is your problem with ‘drama teachers’? My Mother was a drama teacher.. She was one of the most well respected and admired people in this area. I was PROUD that my Mother was a drama teacher. So spare us your uniformed opinion!

Last edited 2 years ago by h2ofield
Les Elford

Sorry, I really did mean to add no “offence to real drama teachers” was going to add it in brackets … just forgot.
In terms of the language… well it just really does reflect his ability, intelligence, respect for others as his father so famously exhibited as well.

Fedup Conservative

Isn’t it funny how these ignorant seniors can be taught by these Reformers to hurl sarcastic comments at Trudeau for things he has done but ignore what a farce our clown Ralph Klein was. I am not a real fan of Trudeau but I’m not going to ignore the extra $30 billion he gave to this province to save us.
So Trudeau cost taxpayers $200,000. While these reformers have helped their rich friends screw Albertans out of $800 billion and that’s okay with these fools. It just proves how stupid these people really are, doesn’t it?

Fedup Conservative

I had known Klein since I was in my late teens and knew what a jerk he was, even his family members tried to help us vote him out while stupid seniors called him their hero. That’s how stupid they are.

Fedup Conservative

No the RCMP didn’t and how do you explain why Trudeau was getting standing ovations in Europe while some right wing extremists hurled sarcastic comments at him for using strong tactics to put a stop to the horrific mess created by these truckers in Ottawa and police officers are calling him a hero for how he handled it?

My conservative friends and I aren’t dumb enough to bad mouth Trudeau over a pathetic 200,000. when these phoney conservatives , Reformers, praised these truckers for creating a horrific mess in Ottawa that has cost taxpayers $36 million, and Albertans some $800 billion in lost taxes, oil and gas royalties and created a $260 billion orphan well cleanup mess. Why aren’t you whine about that?

Kal Itea

Beware of some the right-wing nut hatch representatives in the European Parliament, especially some of them from Hungary, Poland,Romania and the Czech Republic. Some of them.
Be respectful. Mr. Elford it is the AGA KHAN, not the Agha Kahan, a great leader in the Shia religion.
NEP angst?

Les Elford


Thanks for paying attention. Dictatorial angst!

Kal Itea

Let’s call it a day, how about WCB remorse?

Les Elford

No remorse for me period. Thanks for asking. It is ok to disagree, without being disagreeable.

Fedup Conservative

I certainly agree with you.