July 17th, 2024

Lethbridge residents suffer from a perception problem

By Lethbridge Herald on May 25, 2022.


I’m new to Lethbridge and did some research on crime and drug abuse statistics prior to taking up residency.  So I wasn’t surprised to see the shuffling addicts actively using in the downtown core. 

There’s a perception problem that contrasts the majority vs minority.  And the unbalanced nature of how the majority fails or chooses not to seek an explanation for the divisions.  But I would say this we, the majority are too civilized.  Too repressed and individualistic. 

I live without a car and contend that Lethbridge takes their vehicles to bed with them.  Such a love affair with a toxic partner! And you wonder as you gain weight why the minority of citizens are ambling along apparently thin?

 So maybe we can learn something about how the majority hide their addictions unconsciously, and project a fantasy of causation onto the minority.  

Religious people like myself find that we need to understand or at least tolerate what we don’t know and find commonality in our shared experience.

B. Paproski 


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Citi Zen

Oh my goodness, another nutcase wanting to save us all.
Some people just live their lives with their head in the sand.


What a disjointed rambling bit of drivel. What is your point ? Cars are bad ? Civil conduct is evil ? Drooling Neanderthals engaged in rampant criminanlity are to be hugged ?
Your last sentence in telling: You come from afar to save us and enlighten us with your religious insights.
God help us….


and now, welcome to lethbridge – your entry has been greeted by two of the biggest, loudmouthed, bigoted, boors the city has to offer. note how few words it takes for their ignorance and self righteousness to resound all the way to the high heavens, your point so missed by each, and yet so well underscored by their respective shallowness.


Oh now Biffy, are you trying to hurt my feelings? It gives me great delight to know I have touched a nerve and annoyed you to the point of prompting such a trite response. I hope your day is as enjoyable as you have made mine.

Citi Zen

Now, now, Biff is just expressing his opinion (however feeble that may be).
Biff, when you die, I will pour a bottle of my best whiskey over your grave… after I strain it through my kidneys.


another entry that shows what you are at present. hoping you may find growth with yourself.


you have not at all touched a nerve. just choosing to stand up to bullying, ignorance and bigotry. you, cit, and pursuit are among the nastiest this forum has on display. also, sorry your day seems to hinge so much on the posts in this forum.


Well Biff before I reply to the contents of your missive I would very much like to inform you that it has been typed using one finger exclusively.
The world must be a simple place when you operate on the premise that all with whom you take issue are by definition ignorant or bigoted. It is said that if you lose one sense your other senses are enhanced. That is often why people who have no sense of balanced consideration have a heightened sense of self importance.
As you only offer labels and monikers I’d suggest anyone interacting with you ask themselves ” is this person mentally mature enough to grasp the concept of a different perspective ?” – if not discussion is moot.
As for my day hinging on this forum, no – you are letting your self importance shine through again. I enjoy my days because I follow a mantra I Once heard expressed ” God give me the strength to walk away from stupid people without slapping them”.
I’m walking away now…….


maybe check yourself: you refer to struggling people as “Drooling Neanderthals….” you take particular issue with the writer’s last sentence (“Religious people like myself find that we need to understand or at least tolerate what we don’t know and find commonality in our shared experience.”), which is seems to embody the basis of most/all religions, especially christianity. perhaps you might want to get over yourself – what, so perfect and all – as a first step toward acknowledging the reality that you are indeed, as you present here, an ignorant and bigoted lout. get in touch with your heart, and get some much needed restraint around your sense of preeminence and ego. wishing you well with that struggle for growth.


i apologise to pursuit. i have just read a post to a news article where pursuit expresses heart. https://lethbridgeherald.com/news/lethbridge-news/2022/06/03/break-ins-net-six-month-sentence-for-woman/


A perception problem? How about you repeat that after you have had a number (not 1, not 2, not 3…) of thefts from your property. Things that were chained and locked up, but did not deter the thieves.
How about you repeat that when you daughter/granddaughter points out a used needle in a playground (Yes, this happened to us. Scary, isn’t it? If it isn’t, you need your head examined.)
How about the 50th time you are accosted by an obviously intoxicated/drugged person looking for change and cursing you when you do not have any. I don’t care your race, religion, sex, anything, but if you are impaired, stay away from me and my family. People who ask me for money for food I give an offer to buy them lunch. In 20 years, I have only been taken up on this offer once. A nice young native gentleman who was down from Calgary for a funeral. He was broke and hungry, so I took him to A&W and told him to order whatever he wanted. He got a modest meal and got to eat lunch before hitchhiking home to Calgary.

One woman came up to our truck once asking for bus fare to go to the Emergency room. My wife is a nurse and started to ask her questions about her condition. She told us to “Never mind!” and wandered off.
I have spent my life working and avoiding drugs and alcohol, even though I came from an alcoholic family. I don’t see how not abiding by it in others is my problem. They can have their lives, apart from us.
You cannot save someone who doesn’t want to be saved. On the other have, you do not have to enable them either.