July 12th, 2024

Premier continuing a UCP tradition

By Lethbridge Herald on October 26, 2022.


So Danielle Smith is targeting Alberta Health Services as the source of Alberta’s pandemic misfortunes. 

The new premier continues in the UCP tradition of misunderstanding, mismanaging and misrepresenting Albertans’ pandemic experience. She and this government continue to refuse to take some responsibility for the recurring COVID catastrophes of the past two-and-a-half years including over 600,000 recorded cases, very close to 5,000 dead family, friends and neighbours, and thousands of exhausted and alienated health workers. Her behaviour is reprehensible, but not unexpected.

Vincent Hanlon

County of 


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Fedup Conservative

Well said Vincent. The same Danielle Smith who was defeated in her own home riding of High River- Okotoks in 2015 when she tried to become their Conservative candidate. The people knew all about her privatization plans for our health care and education systems. Was fired by the Klein government in 1999 as a school board trustee in Calgary for promoting privatization of our education system. Was defeated in 2012 as leader of the Wildrose Party by conservative Allison Redford when once again she promised to privatize our health care and education systems. Was defeated by Rachael Notley in 2015 when she crossed the floor from the Wildrose Party taking 8 others with her and got them all defeated.
Now she has been elected by mostly gullible seniors. A pathetic 1.5 % of the total eligible voters and has literally suggested that Rural Albertans aren’t as smart as Calgarians so she is going to treat members of the riding of Brooks – Medicine hat as morons so she can get elected there. I think she is going to get a huge surprise. Her plan to ignore the rules and regulations set out by Ottawa will allow her to ram through her privatization plans and we will end up with massive lawsuits, lawyers warn. Jason Kenney was right she is one of the lunatics.

Guy Lethbridge

I sure hope this is made clear at general election time. Another page from the populist playbook will be to NOT propose sane solutions, but to oppose, divide and sew misinformation.. Unfortunately, in Alberta , if you painted a goat tory blue, we’d elect it (regardless if it’s true colour underneath).

Southern Albertan

Agreed, but hopefully, more and more Albertans are starting to see the difference between our progressive conservatism of yore as opposed to the now, neo-liberal right wing populist authoritarianism that we have now. It’s worth pointing out the paradox of Minister Shandro and Minister Copping, former and now, Ministers of Health who were around when the UCP issued COVID restrictions and they’re still around? Their silence on what Premier Smith is spewing on the restrictions might be a bit deafening.

Fedup Conservative

An elderly man in Red Deer about 20 years ago told me that if he called his dog conservative these fools would elect him, that’s how stupid they are. It was American oilmen that I was involved with years ago who called Albertans the dumbest people on the planet for letting the Klein Government help their rich friends steal our oil and tax wealth and Albertans, mostly seniors continue to keep on electing them and letting them do it and these fools just aren’t smart enough to understand it.

John P Nightingale

Well put. One can only hope Albertans generally , remember the bruising statements made before and after becoming premier – at least until next May!
Well meaning conservatives , leaning “right” will surely note this uber right wing drift palatable to around 15% of our population.

Fedup Conservative

Good comments guys. Did you guys see the crowd, 1,800 strong, at her rally in Edmonton after she won? As usually it was mostly seniors letting her treat them like morons, believing every lie she fed them. Our retired lawyer friends know she will put seniors in financial ruin with her plans. Lets hope the people in Brooks- Medicine Hat are smart enough to defeat her, when her own riding of High River- Okotoks knows what she stands for and won’t.