June 14th, 2024

Nathan Neudorf needs to lessen the negative impact of the premier

By Lethbridge Herald on November 17, 2022.


 I read with some interest MLA Nathan Neudorf’s article in the Saturday Herald. While I agree with you, Mr. Neudorf, that the Albertans in the south need a voice, I only hope your voice will be the voice of reason to a cabinet that is loaded with, what I believe is, unqualified people in places of power that will do whatever our premier tells them. 

My greatest hope is that we can lessen the negative impact our premier will have over the next few months and that your voice will be a voice of reason and practicality. You have been in industry and understand that what you say matters, as you noted, “…contracts are made with a handshake, a look in the eye, and based on one’s character and integrity.”

Thank you for running for a chance to impact our province’s future by entering government politics. 

My only hope is you understand what is at stake and work hard to re-establish our province’s integrity across this country.

Earl Barton


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Lesson the impact, Are you scared. Vague statement, no meat.

Southern Albertan

Breaths should not be held.


Yeah, Earl our new premier is going to put Alberta and Albertans FIRST! Scary, isn’t it? Time to hide under your bed.