June 13th, 2024

Seniors need some relief from rising costs

By Lethbridge Herald on November 23, 2022.


While the council deliberates possible tax increases, for God’s sake please remember we are suffering under a tremendous inflation load. 

Some sort of relief should be available to seniors on fixed incomes in order to survive.

 We can hardly afford to feed ourselves, never mind fund municipal initiatives that are not absolutely mandatory.

Peter Burns 


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Old not Senile

I agree Peter, yes not all seniors have to fight to survive on their fixed income. I know there is a lot that have to decide to heat or eat ! This should not be, as a lot of seniors did not have good company pensions or they had lower paying jobs and could not put away a decent amount into a RRSP for their future.
I live in a small town near Lethbridge and my taxes in 2021 went up 10.2 per cent, then in 2022 up anther 11 percent.
It seems the elected officials in most towns and cities just love to spend MONEY and do not look at how it hurts the lower wage earners or the seniors on a tight fixed income.
I feel these officials do not understand the words Inflation and Relief.


You need to study council, their resumes, some have three pensions, one has the best paying job they have had, one has the only job they have ever had. Another with a side job and with 20-30 years on council. Another is retired from another jurisdiction with full pension. Another is a former council member and mayor and retired lawyer. They get a pension, benefits and a health spending account as council members. They could care less about spending and inflation. Doesn’t effect them in the least. Inflation could be running at 25% and they would still hand out 44 million of bike lanes. It’s called out of touch. And this newspaper will do nothing to question them or hold them in account. Numerous former employees of the Herald now work for the City. Even the publisher left for the Garden of Eden, City Hall. We are being fed pablum and gaslit.


spot on, buck – we at least see this much eye to eye.


For once. Lol 👍