June 13th, 2024

What is the motivation for premier’s trip to Germany?

By Lethbridge Herald on November 30, 2022.


 Danielle Smith. Does she have Indigenous roots, Ukrainian heritage or is she just the tooth fairy? In the most recent development, her government has decided to sprinkle fairy dust amongst the electorate in the form of inflation relief payments targeted at families and seniors (who make up the bulk of voters) and ignores minimum wage single persons (who are less likely to vote and are probably in the most need)  in an attempt to mask the bad taste left behind as a result of careless and thoughtless statements made by their current leader.

The “silly season” is now upon us and this does not reference Christmas. No, I am referring to the months preceding an election. It is a time of smoke and mirrors. A prime example is the announcement that Alberta will be sending a contingent of advocates to Germany to promote Alberta LNG to Europe. This would have us believe that Smith is stepping out in front of the federal government to support the interests of Alberta. Ever the righteous rebel. 

In fact, what it really does is underline the appalling lack of understanding Smith has around the reality of the current state of LNG infrastructure in Canada. A trip to Germany now is a little like trying to sell the apples before you have grown the tree. Is she going to try to talk Germany into an unlikely proposal for a multi-billion-dollar east coast LNG facility and worry about pipelines later? Or is this just a good excuse to take a tax-funded trip to Germany under the camouflage of energy due diligence to create an impression prior to May?

I will let you be the judge. Just remember it is the silly season and nothing is as it appears.   

Peter Burns


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Don’t let your dislike for Smith get in the way of your love for Trudeau. Quebec has no trouble promoting itself and neither should we. Lame political babble that she is going on a holiday.

Fedup Conservative

Apparently you haven’t figured out what a great con-artist she is. As much as we aren’t fans of Trudeau he has saved Albertans ass with a $30 billion handout, while you continue to believe the lies that Ottawa is stealing all Alberta’s money intelligent Albertans know it’s these Reformers helping their rich friends do it, so why don’t you?

Fedup Conservative

Like her hero Ralph Klein she is bribing Albertans with their own money while she continues to help the rich steal our oil and tax wealth. Oilmen state that their recent bragging about oil revenues is still far below what Lougheed was collecting during his days, and as my senior conservative friends point out don’t forget her plans for user fees to be paid to our health care system for using the system, their handouts will likely be recovered very quickly from us seniors.

Fedup Conservative

Sure take the caps off, that Notley put in place to protect Albertans from corporate gouging, then throw a few crumbs back at them to trick them into believing you are helping them, and only the intelligent people seem to be smart enough to see it.


hey, if you want to be a dictator, why not go to the place of one of the most successfully infamous to pick up some tricks.


Nice to see the “stupid senior” Klein lovers and the “oilman friends” has chimed in with the usual verbiage. NOt one of the commenters below addressed the reason for the trip. Bunch of haters.


You must be next in line for a custom UCP crying towel.