June 16th, 2024

Albertans must be shielded from Danielle Smith

By Lethbridge Herald on December 3, 2022.


So Danielle Smith thinks Albertans need to be shielded from federal laws. 

I think that we need to be shielded from the bizarre actions of an unelected premier. 

Danielle Smith assumed the leadership of the UCP and with that, walked into the premiership with a slim majority of those voting at a UCP leadership convention. In stark terms, Ms. Smith is premier thanks to less than three per cent of Alberta’s population. Instead of passing highly contentious legislation, Ms. Smith should be calling an election. Albertans do not need to be shielded from federal legislation – we need a provincial government headed by a democratically-elected premier.

Leslie Lavers


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Sorry Leslie, I think you got it all wrong! We need to be shielded from an authoritarian Federal government that seeks to shut down our main job producing resource sectors while sucking us dry (Transfer Payments) at the same time. Danielle has addressed this inequality head-on with her sovereignty act.
Its people like you that walk around with their eyes wide shut to what’s really going on at the federal level that seems so bizarre.

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Alberta does not make transfer payments. This is not how the program works.


What the hell are you talking about? The article you refer to is irrelevant as it speaks of Federal Transfers to the Provinces and not vice versa. People like you who come on these sites and spew your uneducated nonsense should be ashamed of themselves.

Equalization has cost Alberta taxpayers $67 BILLION DOLLARS since its inception in 1957.
The cost of equalization per Albertan has been $20,200 since 1957.
In 2021, equalization will cost Alberta taxpayers $2.9 billion.

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Southern Albertan

It remains, as to how much equalization is not understood. It is based on individual personal incomes and is determined through Revenue Canada. Many Albertans have high personal incomes, much higher than other regions of Canada. Equalization was created to level the playing field financially to all. It is well known that if less monies are to leave Alberta for equalization, we can remedy this by creating more fair and progressive taxation in Alberta. That way the money stays here. Other Canadians have said about ‘Alberta,’ stop complaining about equalization unless ‘you all’ are prepared to do what it would take to create a situation of less money leaving Alberta. One way would be to implement a provincial sales tax, and, again, a more fair, progressive tax system in Alberta. Don’t forget, this equalization formula was created during the Conservative Harper years and during their years in government, they did nothing to change it.

Fedup Conservative

It’s easy to understand if you aren’t some ignorant senior willing to believe every lie these fake conservatives feed you. While they convince these fools that Ottawa is stealing all our money it’s them who are giving it away using it to try to buy votes and Ottawa isn’t dumb enough to want to replace it with equalization payments like they want them to do. Why would they?

Fedup Conservative

So you are going to believe these Right-Wing extremists and their lies rather than true conservatives. Did you notice no one is dumb enough to agree with you?

Fedup Conservative

We figure Albertans have been screwed out of at least $800 billion in lost oil, gas and tax revenues since the Ralph Klein days, by these damn Reformers, and you are whining, just like they want you to, because you think Ottawa should be dumb enough to replace it with equalization payments. How stupid do you think they are? What’s wrong with getting rid of these Right-wing extremists hellbent on destroying everything Peter Lougheed created for us.


Equalization payments, whatever you want to call them! Split some hairs!
Point is we put in much more than we receive back and that’s NOT disputable!

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it is not hair splitting, our payments are our income tax payments. Even in Alberta we pay income tax. There is an equation (the same one for every province) that determines how much of the income tax we pay will be return to a province.


You can dress-it-up any way you want! Point still remains that we payout far more than we receive back!

Fedup Conservative

So what. It proves how rich we are and the majority of us are proud that we are in a situation where we can help other Canadians. Of course if these damn reformers weren’t screwing us out of hundreds of billions with the help of fools like you we would all be rich like the people in Norway and Alaska are.


We benefit from federal and provincial programmes as much as anyone else. Our provincial GDP is so high and our provincial taxes are so low that we do not qualify for some of our federal taxes to be paid back to our province. I must be not nearly as smart as you because when I calculate my income tax, if I have got it right, I do not expect them to send me any of the money back that I have already paid them.

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Fedup Conservative

Another sucker for the Right-wing extremists to make fools of, just not smart enough to understand the truth.

Fedup Conservative

It isn’t hard o understand why Ralph Klein when talking about a group of seniors said “I could tell these idiots anything I want to and they would believe it”. Johnny still isn’t smart enough to think for himself or do any research. He has to have these fake conservatives do his thinking for him and believes every lie they feed him. IMO is right Alberta has never paid any transfer payments to anyone, but Johnny isn’t smart enough to check into it. While the vast majority of Albertans have indicated how upset with Smith they are here he is kissing her ass and believing everything she feeds him helping him prove what a moron he is. Maybe he should keep his mouth shut and start trying to get himself educated. .
Here is a good place to start Google “Debunked: Alberta doesn’t send the most money to Ottawa”
I hope I have been sarcastic enough, my senior friends and I are sick and tired of these fools who somehow think they are a lot smarter than the rest of us They are mainly seniors, the young Albertans aren’t that stupid. Trudeau gave Albertans an extra $30 billion, yet Johnny still believes the lie that they are stealing all our money when it’s these Reformers who are doing it.

Southern Albertan

“ASWAUCA – the Alberta Sovereignty within a united Canada Act – is turning into a disaster for Danielle Smith and the UCP”
It may, at first, be the simplistic view that Ottawa is the big bad wolf, but, what is really happening here for thinking Albertans, is an authoritarian, dictatorial, undemocratic power grab attempt by Smith and the UCP. As has been asked, how would the UCP react to the AB NDP having these dictatorial powers? Even the federal Conservative’s silence on this is deafening.

Fedup Conservative

She is making Pierre Poilivre look like a damn fool and it has certainly shut him up.


Call an election and Dump Danielle!

Fedup Conservative

That’s exactly what should happen. Most have proven they aren’t as dumb as the fools supporting her. Anyone who wins an election with only 1.5% of the total voting population has no right being in that position.