June 22nd, 2024

Time for Smith to get in the right lane

By Lethbridge Herald on December 9, 2022.


It’s time for Danielle to turn on the left signal light of that second-hand blue pickup truck, shoulder check, and ease out of the sovereignty lane. 

There’s real work for her and her passengers to do for all Albertans in the lanes clearly marked Education, Health Care, Economic Diversification, and Environmental Protection.
    Vincent Hanlon


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Ok. Just get Ottawa out of the way and AB’s piggy bank and you get your wish.


Just maybe Vincent it’s time for Ottawa to stay in its own lane and that would negate the need for Danielle to shoulder check-signal for that lane change you are talking about. She is now standing-up for Albertans and Alberta but that somehow makes her a separatist…NOT! The boogieman alarmist crowd lead by none other than Racheal Nutley is promoting the “Sky is Falling” narrative for Alberta. Nothing could be farther from the truth!

The Dude

What do you make of Barry Cooper, a close advisor to our new Premier and one of the architects of the Sovereignty Act, who said recently “I want the Constitution to be changed, or we’ll have another referendum.” Of course he was referencing the two referendums in Québec.

Southern Albertan

“Opinion: What could stop Alberta’s Sovereignty Act if it’s passed”
Quote from the article:
“The first is for the federal government to refer the bill to the Supreme Court of Canada, which could issue an advisory position on its constitutionality. The second, by contrast, is the upcoming provincial election, which provides an opportunity for an oft-forgotten constitutional actor – the people – to pass direct judgement on the government and indirect judgement on the Sovereignty Act.”
Certainly, Dimitri Soudas, former communications director for the Harper Conservatives possibly said it best with regard to this act: “You can’t polish a turd.”


with smith unilaterally determining that alberta is sovereign, she appears to be following along the very successful path of a sovereignist minded quebec. the history is there: in the face of a sovereignist govt, the feds have demonstrated many decades of not only looking the other way when it comes to laws borne of hate – that so obviously violate human rights and promote hate a bigotry – they further bend over such that they give over mounds of public monies to the sovereignist regimes in order to keep them in the fold. perhaps then, there is method to the smith alberta sovereign madness: lots more loot coming to alberta from the feds, and an easier time for the extremists among us to put those not deemed the quebec equivalent of “pure laine” in their place.