June 13th, 2024

Observations on Danielle Smith

By Lethbridge Herald on December 16, 2022.


If the premier of this province persists in making these repeated and violent U-turns she stands a good chance of spinning so fast she transforms into a human drill bit and drills straight down through the pre-Cambrian, through the earth’s crust and into the hollow core. 

At which point all the remaining oil under the province will drain away, infuriating the lizard people who will then invade the Earth’s surface bringing about the end times and the Great Tribulation. 

Not that I believe any of that, though there are some pretty wonky corners on the internet where you can find most of this and more, advanced as gospel truth. 

Well, except the part about spinning so fast she vanishes from human perception. That could happen.

Ken Sears


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John P Nightingale

…if only!


I guess that’s why it’s called the Unhinged Conspiracy Party.


YOU are as unhinged as Ken Sears, who is a Past President of the Canadian UNION of Postal Workers. Ergo, It is obvious where his comments spew from.


OMG, a union leader! If I had only known … (I feel so dirty).


anyone that keeps the company of a union person is a no-good, commie-loving bad person that only wants to prevent big corps and ceos from making a halfway decent living. you union people are the very reason why big corps have gone offshore with so many jobs, where they can hire children and not have to sacrifice so many profits for likes of stupid decent wages and health and safety stuff. in sum: bad union people, and hooray for our amazing ceos and multinationals.

Fedup Conservative

So what’s that got to do with it ? the fact is he is a lot smarter than you or haven’t you noticed the letters agreeing with him and the people not agreeing with you?


Agreed Ken! And if you agree and believe any of that you would also agree that Rachel Nutley would be a “positive” experience as a leader for our province again!

Jim Linville

Finally, someone here who understands the basics of geology!


she was once, during a campaign, just above the bus’s tires (at least was her likeness)…perhaps she’s still trying to unwind

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