June 14th, 2024

Grid won’t be able to handle all the electric vehicles

By Lethbridge Herald on December 30, 2022.


Another notice about the electric grid overload. 

What is going to happen when everyone is driving electric cars? Already we are asked not to use our ovens, clothes driers, heaters, etc. and soon it will be “don’t charge your car” as it will overload the system. 

This warning was issued by many when the environmentalists were preaching and this cold snap looks like they were right – the grid can’t handle the number of electric cars desired by government, etc.

Reed Spencer


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Maybe more important to the meanie-greenies how is Greta going to get around in her electric planes, cars etc. when she comes to Canada to visit our pro-globalist prime minister? Surely she won’t be a hypocrite and fly-in or drive around in those dirty fossil-fuel gadgets will she?


If you are riding on a high speed train taking a bend to cross a deep gorge, and you notice that the bridge is out. Does it make you a hypocrite for being on the train? How about the passenger beside you who doesnt even believe in bridges?


Now you are comparing apples to oranges! Nice try!

Fedup Conservative

So you think insulting oil executives is a smart idea because your Reformer party friends have taught you to do it, right? Apparently you are just too dumb to understand what they are saying, like Global Warming is a serious problem and something has to be done and that’s what they are doing. Hve you forgotten that they wanted do do something about it under Klein and Harper and they wouldn’t let them. Have you forgotten that Kenney tried to stop them and lost the lawsuit? Have you forgotten how Kenney tried to blame foreign corporations for attacking our oil industry , yet not one single oil executive was dumb enough to agree with him. They knew it was a lie, but of course you weren’t that smart, why?

pursuit diver

We will need to quadruple our electric transmissions to support all the EV’s.
That will make Warren Buffett even wealthier since Berkshire Hathaway owns AltaLink, Alberta’s largest regulated electricity transmission company.
Once again the American billionaires are lining up to dominate the green energy industry in Canada as they did the oil and gas industry.
I believe even if we quadruple the electricity it will not be enough for all the EV’s. Hydrogen is big in Australia and we should not rely on just one type of propulsion.

Last edited 1 year ago by pursuit diver
Fedup Conservative

And who sold us out. We were told that Klein sold out our power system for $2billion when it was worth $7 billion and guys like Johnny were right there kissing his ass while he did it. Now their hero Jason Kenney has taken the caps off it, that Notley put on to protect us from this gouging and that makes him a hero to these morons. Once again it’s these damn Reformers supported by fools like Johnny who aren’t smart enough to understand it.

Fedup Conservative

So what do you think is happening or haven’t you been paying attention, why don’t you do some research. Massive solar panel fields being created around the province with a lot of farms now using them.

pursuit diver

I have done plenty of research as I have watched solar and wind farms grow across Alberta.
Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway built a wind farm worth over $200 million SW of Medicine Hat. He has been investing across Canada in green energy.
Warren Buffett not only owns a large portion of US railways, but has hidden investments in CN and CP rail under Vangaurd and many of those investments used to be under Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, which Warren Buffett is the biggest contributor as well as a trustee. At one point Bill Gates was openly the biggest shareholder in CN rail until is was found that his foundation was contributing to protesters to stop pipelines. Why? Because CPand CN rail make big dollars shipping oil and gas products by rail and often those rail cars go onto Berkshire Hathaways lines in the US.
I have researched for years and know very well the ‘game’ major corporations play to take over ‘spheres of influence’ in countries and this is only one example on our own country soil.
Canadians should be investing more in green energy! That is my point!


Oh, so now we know why Notley bought all those rail cars. Help out her American friends.

pursuit diver

You are one sick puppy! I would like to remind you that such comments are not acceptable on these type of forums. Maybe you get to attack people on some other forum but such namecalling such as you display is unacceptable.
For those of us who have taken psychology, your outbursts show truly who has serious psych issues that will only end bad if you do not get help! You are on a very slippery path could very well end with you in jail, in hospital or by suicide. I have seen it when people get to the point you are at.
There is plenty of help for you! Call 811 to speak to someone! Go to the ER and talk to a social worker!


Do you drive an electric car now? Do you drive on roads?

Fedup Conservative

No but I was in Europe in 2019 and all the taxi cabs in London are now electric and its working just find. Of course everyone has their roofs covered with solar panels and they don’t have to worry about it. My father was a Power Plant Engineer in Alberta and was promoting solar panels 60 years ago and like these fools today was laughed at, yet friends who put them on their roofs in 1975 say it’s the smartest thing they ever did. They don’t pay the stupid fees the rest of us are paying thanks to Ralph Klein. .


I would like solar panels as well as wind but they too have an impact on the environment so there has to be a give and take as with oil.


There will always be a need for oil. There are a lot of products we use that are made from oil and unless people would prefer driving on dirt roads and highways they to are paved with….oil.

Fedup Conservative

You certainly have that right. While their Reform Party Friends feed us the lie that we should not be doing anything about Global Warming, because they are too stupid to understand what it’s doing to us it’s our oil executives who state that Global Warming is a serious problem and something has to be done which is why they wanted the Carbon Tax implemented. Yet here we have Jason Kenney supported by these ignorant fools wasting money on lawsuits trying to stop it. Just like this fool Danielle Smith thinking she is going to change confederation while our lawyer friends state she is going to be a massive financial disaster with all the lawsuits she will bring to Albertans.

Les Elford

Good Resource to pay attention to Grid on a daily basis. If interested, please consider reviewing it. The wind and solar numbers are interesting to watch when site is reviewed on a long-term basis.