June 14th, 2024

Column was offensive

By Lethbridge Herald on January 11, 2023.


Having a local newspaper is important to a city the size of Lethbridge. 

That’s why I have been a subscriber for decades.

Vigorous debate is one thing. However, if I want to read Fox News, I can choose to do that. 

I don’t expect to see a feature article like “Your 2023 guide to Newspeak” on the Herald editorial page. This is an article which ends a long list of offensive definitions with a definition of “Zelensky”: “A noun and a verb. Both mean surrender.” 

If this is satire, writer Bruce Dowbiggin has failed. Mr. Dowbiggin won a Gemini award for sports writing and he should stick to his sports beat. If this is serious journalism, you have failed by printing it. 

Leslie Lavers


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Oh. A purveyor of free speech (they print his letter) wants to censor, well, free speech. As you reference Fox, you can change the channel. Suggestion here is to turn the page. Being offended is personal choice. Move around it.

Last edited 1 year ago by buckwheat

i agree – print all viewpoints and either we read them or do not. then, we can either agree, or not. the issue today is censorship/control, and a growing bunch of wooses that cannot tolerate their preferences, tastes, beliefs being challenged. that said, another grand issue is the level of anger and whining that accompanies differences of opinion. seems even we in canada have bought in fully with bush doctrine of “either you are with us, or against us.”
as for the article in question – my take is that it is mostly juvenile, stupid and baiting. my distaste, however, is with dowbiggin’s writing, and not at all with the herald for printing it.

Last edited 1 year ago by biff

Sure, Buck, if Dowbiggin had targeted the right with his drivel, you’d be losing your s***, but no, it’s ‘just don’t read it’… pffft.