June 15th, 2024

Are fair prices being offered for farm land around the city?

By Lethbridge Herald on January 18, 2023.


 I read the two letters on city growth. Some interesting points were written. Within the City of Lethbridge, we have two different entities that are buying this land up. One is the City of Lethbridge and the other is developers. My questions about this subject is the price they offer for this land and the location of growth within the City. 

Around Lethbridge, the agriculture land is the highest-priced in the province, according to Farm Credit. This land has seen the highest jump in price over the last 10 years.  What has been the going rate for purchasing these lands to develop over last 10 years? 

Have the offers to purchase increased? I just would like some transparency. Is the City of Lethbridge and these developers offering a fair price or are they just low-balling compared to other cities within Alberta? 

I would like a comparison to the city of Red Deer or even Airdrie. Are their offers keeping up to inflation? Sometimes I feel our City is in bed with these developers and they manipulate price and location of growth within the city.

Lots of houses sure get built on the west side of Lethbridge but unfortunately there’s sure not much for businesses or services on the westside to support this. Melcor or Royop really haven’t promoted much growth for businesses over the years. It sure seems like they are just sitting on their hands, with little to no effort to promote growth. It almost appears to be land banking. I hope someone has the knowledge to answer these questions honestly. 

Crystal Tsritter


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we will never have much truth without independent audits. the city does not want audits, and there is much to suggest it may be because there are certain folk that do not want to be found incompetent, dirty, or criminal.


ok, let us not have audits, because we know that the city’s affairs are always marked with honesty, integrity, efficiency.