June 22nd, 2024

How will U.S. respond to prince’s drug use?

By Lethbridge Herald on January 20, 2023.


There will be a fellow in B.C. watching intently as to how Prince Harry is treated under U.S. law now that he has admitted previous drug use. 

You see, the fellow I refer to is a guy who admitted to a U.S. border agent that he had smoked marijuana when he was young but, no longer did and was subsequently banned from the U.S., I believe, for 10 years.

I’m pretty sure this fellow’s first name was not “Prince” so we will now see how fair the law is applied to people who have a title vs. those that do not. 

It will be interesting to watch!

Dennis Bremner


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Unlikely that anything will happen. His last name(the guy in BC) wasn’t Markle.

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Southern Albertan

“50 Most Successful Marijuana Enthusiasts You Should Know. From Bob Dylan and Rihanna to Bill Gates and Cameron Diaz, here’s what a lot of famous people think about weed.”

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old school

Said Prince is going to have the same consideration given as say , um Hunter Biden. It’s not what you did, it’s what’s yer status .


it is one thing to be an american citizen admitting to use of drugs their nation deems to be illegal. however, it is ridiculous that any truly free state gets to force upon its people what one must or must not take (all the while big chemical/mining cos poison us all with ridiculous regularity). but, to be a foreigner that admits as much, without being ousted from the beacon of light on the hill, then yes, it would be yet another demonstration of the utter bs that underscores usa holier than thou legislation and prejudices. however, is the prince still a foreigner, or is he now a quickly branded usa citizen?
as for the markles, as it seems she is wearing the so-called pants, they have found a heck of a cash cow via well scripted interviews, and now a book. it is just wonderful that so many people pay attention to such crap, at least it is for the likes of them.

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let us not forget that the great, brilliant, caring george w bush admitted to cocaine use…probably just liked to touch it, did not sniff it…and the sleazy, greasy clinton admitted to puffing pot…did not inhale; did not like it…and i guess clinton did not lie when saying he did not have sex with lewinsky – perhaps it is only sex if a bj results in a swallow rather than a stain.
one of the most mind boggling things about humanity is the deference they give to many of the worst examples of people; that we accept them to be and look up to these types as leaders has to suggest a lot about where we truly are at as a species.

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