June 17th, 2024

Alberta police force another step toward privatization

By Lethbridge Herald on January 25, 2023.


I am not impressed with T. Shandro’s handling of the Health Ministry “problems.” I do not support an Alberta police force instead of the RCMP. Mr. Shandro has proven in two ministries that he can’t handle the responsibility. Why should Albertans provide another for him to screw up?

 I believe this is another step in the UCP and PC ideology toward privatization. An Alberta Police Force would be more susceptible to political influence, and UCP party leaders have a tendency to poke their noses into judicial matters. 

Alberta Police Force was investigated in the past and proved too costly. What evidence does UCP have that things have changed? There is no need to further pursue this red herring. The UCP is pretty good at using distraction to divert public attention on issues they do not know how to deal with. This government has a serious problem in their lack of good experienced people; they have no depth in people to handle ministerial portfolios. Their members that mishandle departments are simply transferred to run another ministry. The last investigative organ invented by Mr. Kenney, with $30 million to play with, turned into a lemon.

 The highly promoted anti-oil and gas investigation turned out to be an expensive fishing expedition and a job producer for UCP supporters.

 We might expect a rash of unemployed conservative private investigators to fill the ranks of a new Alberta Police Force, who would request your political preference at every CheckStop.

 The UCP loves confrontation. They stir emotion over facts, opinion over evidence, comparing apples and oranges. We Albertans need more money put into health care and EMS, social services, and housing needs, not subsidizing oil corporations with tax breaks.

Don Ryane


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Fedup Conservative

Excellent comments Don. Wanting to create a gun state so they can use their police force against anyone who opposes them Hitler style. Wasting another $2,2 million of taxpayers money on Danielle Smith’s pal Preston Manning so he can spread more lies is just plain stupid. There is nothing conservative about any of these Reformers deliberately stealing our oil and tax wealth to help them buy votes, while their ignorant supporters hurl their sarcastic comments at us for trying to stop them
.Too damn stupid to see what they are doing to us. Can you think of a better way to steal more of our money than to fill the pockets of their friends on phony panel, pretending they are trying to prove it’s all Trudeau’s and members of our heath care’s fault and they don’t give a damn about who lost their lives or that the convoy truckers are heroes and only cost taxpayers $65 million. Does that sound like conservatives to you. Then we have this fool Pierre Poilievre stating we should destroy the CBC and the jobs for 7,500 people, fire the head of the bank of Canada and buy Bitcoins and if we had we would all be in financial ruin today. Add that to bashing Trudeau for doing the right thing and banning assault rifles and handguns, following their American Republican pals with the right to bare arms and who cares who gets killed.
Many of us already know what Manning will come up he has already told us and I suggest you all google it
“Bizarre Fictional Covid -19 Report Penned By Preston Manning Has Resurfaced on Social Media”
Jason Kenney already had already paid him, Harper an Janice MacKinnon to repeat his lie that “Alberta doesn’t have a revenue problem, only a spending problem”. Somehow they thought Albertans would be dumb enough to believe it and let them cut 11,000 health care jobs. They weren’t that stupid.