June 18th, 2024

Grieving woman treated poorly after mom’s loss

By Lethbridge Herald on January 25, 2023.


How crass Season’s Retirement Community demand Kaylene Neufeld pay $1,200 for failing to provide a 30-day notice to vacate which was not presaged. We have a grieving loved one who just lost her mother and during mourning her despair is amplified by the response of an operation that exudes with corporate greed. 

Seasons receives a copious amount of income from the residents. It’s a business; however, where is your compassion? If the residence is vacant it can be used as a tax write-off. The Residential Tenancies Act states a one-month notice to be given. However, who can predict an untimely death? During her grieving, Kaylene had the fortitude to reach out to any creditors her mother might have had. Perhaps Seasons bluster and indignant practice will come back amiss. Condolences to Kaylene and her family.

Stan Adamus


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Condolences to the family for their loss, and for the stress the resulted.
My one question would be: what date in January was the suite completely vacated?
If it was within the first few days, compassionate flexibility is always good, however if it was well into January I can understand the facility’s need to charge that month’s rent. While the suite is occupied, it cannot be prepared and rented to anyone else. Rentals are critical in such facilities to keep the bills paid and to help prevent increases to other tenants to compensate for vacant suites.


As per the story published in the Herald:
“… the space was cleared and vacated at the beginning of January.”
This would appear to state that the suite was available to rent January 1, 2023.


perhaps the largest concern with these independent living retirement residences is that once people sell their properties and move in, they become rather too fully owned by the corporate entity. once in, it is hard to figure out alternatives, and the corp entity begins to gouge and gouge away at the residents. every year they are forced to absorb large rate hikes that have typically outpaced the cost of living. let us say it was not unusual for a rate hikes year over year of at least 4%, when inflation was flat. if one is paying 2-3 thousand a month for a flat, it kind of adds up fast.
perhaps it would be nice to have decent independent living options for seniors that are run more for service than for profit – not at all saying there cannot be for profit options, just far more non-profit availability. as it stands, we had best start to acknowledge the reality of how we are going to be gouged and hooped as we become more dependent – and, if we live long enough, that will become the reality for most of us.


When a long time client of the company I work for passed away suddenly the owner wrote a note of condolence to the family and let then know not to worry about their last months balance. While I realize many companies are unable or should I say unwilling to do this. I admired my bosses character for doing this. Quite the opposite with Shaw when my stepfather passed and we tried to cancel the plan my stepfather signed up for when my mother was moving into a lodge shortly after. We wanted it cancelled in 2 weeks when she was moving. First they wanted the cancellation fee! And when they got friction on that they proceeded to cut off the home phone, cable and internet that night without warning! We tried to get it turned back on but Shaw refused without starting from scratch. So we had a 76 year old grieving woman stuck in a house without a phone, internet and cable. When i dropped off cable and telephone modem along with a copy of the death certificate(they demanded it) i let the lady know what i thought of the company she worked for. I was polite but blunt. And thats the problem with big corporations. I don’t expect them to have a heart but a little consideration would be nice.