June 25th, 2024

Reductions to swimming pool hours a disappointment to many

By Lethbridge Herald on February 11, 2023.


Lethbridge is fortunate that we had farsighted councillors who used our tax dollars to build swimming pools that serve our citizens. We have a good mix of indoor and outdoor pools that allow us to keep active and healthy whatever the weather.

In January the hours of operation for our pools were suddenly reduced. Fritz Sick pool used to be open until 8 p.m., then reduced to 6 p.m., and now reduced to 2 p.m. weekday afternoons. 

This is a big mistake; Fritz Sick was busy all through the day, and the pool used by seniors, swim teams, and business people on their way home from work. 

Stan Siwik and Nicholas Sheran used to be open until 9:30. In January, they were cut back to 6:45! This hardly allows time for working people to get home, eat, then get to the pool for laps and water fit.

Some people like a tight schedule but I suspect most look forward to not rushing through the end of the day. Many seniors I spoke with have been angered and disappointed that these pool hours have been taken away. 

It is especially painful since it was their tax dollars that built these pools for them to enjoy in later years. 

It is no excuse that the pools were not used heavily recently, due to the COVID epidemic and Christmas.

These cutbacks were made because the money crunchers in the city financial office refused to increase pool funding since 2000 and after increasing the fees for use. It makes one question how much the senior managers in the treasurer’s office increased their annual stipend and Christmas bonus.

How many new assistants have they hired at $165,000 per year? But they insist their take-home is private, and not for public review – even by our representatives on council!

Don Ryane


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Citi Zen

Yes. It’s all about justifying and protecting jobs in City Hall. Time for a witch hunt through City Hall, get rid of some deadwood.


Surely your angry senior friends can find time during their busy day to enjoy the pools in the city. You sure seem to know a whole lot on the reasoning for the cutbacks… but do you think it may have something to do with the YMCA pool on the west side? Families can take their children there for a much better expierance. Fitness minded people can go there for a full workout then a swim or a steam. These would be two of the main uses in the evening hours. If you’d like to provide facts instead of accusations more people may be able to get behind your, from what I can tell, baseless rage about wages, assistants, and Christmas bonuses.


Oh-no. The City has a great reputation in unscrewing itself. Spend millions on pools, then build another on the west side that basically “beats” them all. They talk about 15 minutes cities and localization and then build on the farthest reaches of the west side. Same with downtown, pour millions upon millions into Galt Garden, Festival Square area twice, “beautify the streets”by clogging up traffic on 3rd ave, then the “piece de resistance” jack up overdue parking fines, etc. All the while the thinking “pointy” heads in admin just keep dreaming up stuff for council to vote yea for. Council needs to clean out admin or stop being their mouthpiece.