June 25th, 2024

Changes to 3 Avenue S. will cost businesses customer parking

By Lethbridge Herald on February 16, 2023.


I work along 3rd Avenue South. I think that maybe for downtown the two-lane road might work well as there is somewhat adequate parking in and around the businesses.

However, further east there is no walk-up traffic. People come to the businesses here for specific products and not just browsing or eating.

With the new idea we will lose valuable customer parking in front of our stores. I also find that Lethbridge is not great at keeping green spaces green. Who will be maintaining these trees? Park benches are for parks and highly used streets. Neither of these are this far east on 3rd Ave. That is my two cents on the matter.

Wanda Payne


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You might be thinking of one of the rejected street plans – the one they selected keeps street parking on both sides of the road. Road design is a long term project – maybe there isn’t a lot of walk-up traffic now (no surprise there, 3rd ave is downright oppressive for pedestrians), but if we can design it to encourage that traffic in the future while still preserving parking now… seems like a win win.


Putting lipstick on a pig,if the crime etc. is not addressed first?


We can walk and chew gum at the same time – if we wait for zero crime before doing anything else, then we’ll be waiting a long time. Pleasant walkable places have less crime – it’s not a solution in itself, but it’s worth working on while doing other things.


I agree 100% with you! Leave it alone! All of it! Fire who-ever came up with that plan!
There are many other negative long term impacts never considered! I guess that all of us business owners need to band together and fill council chambers and lobby with angry business owners. We are all accountable and when you made so many bad decisions it is time! Bye bye!

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