June 22nd, 2024

Vista Meadows residents impacted by the Link Pathway plan

By Lethbridge Herald on February 22, 2023.


I cannot stay silent any longer and must express my concerns over inaccuracies that were published in the Lethbridge Herald letter submitted by Aaron Banman regarding the Cor Van Ray Link Pathway.

These are the facts of how the residents of Vista Meadows are being bullied by Link Pathway members in pushing their dream vision onto taxpaying landowners of Vista Meadows:

We did our due diligence knowing we had purchased peace, tranquility and safety away from city living! We couldn’t figure out how Link Pathway had the audacity to propose installing a parking lot and gazebo on our community-owned lake until further investigation revealed that the Lethbridge County had resolved litigation with the previous mortgage holder on development deposit and took over surrounding green strips.

Of course due diligence wasn’t done to inform the homeowners of Vista Meadows of this news.

Link Pathway proposes to push the pathway on the south lateral of St. Mary’s pivot overflow ditch which invades the subdivision of Vista Meadows paid for by its residents! 

The monies spent on landscaping and lake development by stakeholders of Vista Meadows does not justify another entity’s entitlement to their selfish vision.

Sadly our subdivision has not been immune to criminal activity, home break-ins and smash-and-grab at community mailboxes in the last few years.

Also,it is starting to affect resale in our subdivision because of Link Pathway, making new homebuyers nervous of unwanted unwarranted criminal activity and noise.

As for the members of Lethbridge County council, we as the residents of Lethbridge County have entrusted them to do what is right for their constituents, and I take great exception with other jurisdictions (armchair politicians) pushing their political agenda onto our councillors and the residents of Vista Meadows! 

John Hamar

Lethbridge County

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Oh please, if You want to live in a gated community then live in one. Vista Meadows is not one. As you said the county took over the greenstrips which means public property. Did you pay and maintain the streets and infrastructure? See where I’m going? I’m a landowner too, do I get to tell the city what to do in my community? If so I got a long list


If you want to control what’s done with a piece of land, you should buy it. I can’t fathom how someone can be so entitled as to oppose a free amenity that will boost, not lower, their property values (crime from a recreational bike path, are you kidding me? People pay good money to live near park networks) and provide value for 110,000 people in the connected cities because what, you bought a chunk of land somewhere?
If they’re trying to run the path through your living room, try again and I might have some sympathy. Otherwise, it’s not your property and it’s not your choice.


Should have stayed silent John. You come off as an elite nimby whiner afraid of your own shadow with your attempt at fear inducing comments. Sell…sell now…save yourself and move to high mountain top where no one will disturb your solitude.