June 14th, 2024

Herald showing bias in coverage of Miyashiro

By Lethbridge Herald on March 16, 2023.


We must take issue with the Lethbridge Herald for printing comments from Rob Miyashiro. Miyashiro is only an NDP candidate and not an elected member of the legislature. 

If you are going to print comments from a candidate you had better balance that reporting by publishing comments from all candidates from all parties, including Liberals, UCP, Alberta Party etc. The Herald cannot be excused if the other parties do not have candidates available. 

This is clearly biased reporting and shows the Herald is, as suspected, a socialist newspaper wanting to promote an NDP candidate they want to have in office. 

Rob Miyashiro is supposed to be working for the Lethbridge Senior Citizens Organization. Is he also getting paid from the NDP? Is he taking advantage of his position while having support from the Lethbridge Herald? 

If so, the Herald should print comments for all candidates, even those not yet officially running for office. Also, as Mr. Miyashiro is now campaigning, he should fully resign from the LSCO and not double dip at seniors’ expense. 

Tom Burns


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Fedup Conservative

Why is it Tom that when you Reformers don’t like to hear anything said about your phony conservative party you make sarcastic comments and call people Socialists? Have the other parties bothered to write any articles or are you hellbent against the NDP that every conservative I knows wants back in office? Are you going to ignore the fact that former Conservative MLAs that I knew had nothing but praise for what she was trying to do, which was to raise corporate taxes and royalties back up to the Lougheed levels. In other words make the rich pay instead of us seniors. Why are you ignoring the fact that Danielle Smith is promising to give away $20 billion more of our money to fix the orphan well mess, when I was involved in it for 8 years under Lougheed and Getty the oil industry was forced to pay for it. That all changed under Klein as this article points out:
” Ralph Klein’s Multibillion Dollar Liability Is About To Blow Up In Alberta’s Face”
It has and how much are you willing to pay to fix it, and why should our children be held responsible when we are the ones who allowed it to happen?
Lougheed’s energy minister Bill Dickie was a brother in-law of one of my uncles and we know what him and Lougheed felt about what these Reformers and their ignorant supporters have done to this province.


My sister in laws husbands grandmothers father says you are wrong. Go stuff a Timmy’s.




even less classy



Fedup Conservative

Isn’t sad you don’t have any friends? I had coffee with 14 of mine yesterday and they all agree with what I am saying. While we desperately try to stop these Reformers from creating a worse financial mess for our children, fools like you are kissing their ass and helping them do it, where is the intelligence in that? We all agree that Smith’s plan to charge Health Care User Fees will be a financial disaster for many seniors , but you don’t care, yet your families likely will when they are having to help you out financially. Doctors think you will be paying $100. each time you visit a doctor, and a lot more if you need other procedures done, like x-rays, you had better hope they are wrong. It could add up very quickly as you age.


Tom, I doubt the “Herald” as an organization are big fans of the NDP given their involvement in making the Herald property a vagrants toilet and fire pit.
The West Side Whiner and her wannabe East Side cohort get a fair bit of press time simply because they have no end of criticism to shell out and recognize no topic in which anyone may hold a view or position that should not bow to their esteemed opinions.
The Herald can only run so many news mill articles from press agencies, they need some “local flavour” and the two NDP’rs are always willing to oblige, even if the flavour is always bitter.


He will not be elected! We are all aware of the fights that took place in the City Council and do not want this kind of politics in the Legislature. Oh, wait, it’s too late; as recently observed, Shannon Phillips has already begun performing unclassy acts.


it is one thing to not like a candidate. however, it is curious how fox news right wing addicts throw around socialist. somehow those that do overlook the “socialism” that consistently steals away public wealth and hands it all over to the uttermost wealthiest individuals and corps. they even back the likes of our smith, who feels it just and fair that we use public money to clean up the toxic and expensive waste left behind by those that have already ripped us off and poisoned our water and land us – thank you klein et al. (i am not saying we should not have mined our oil; i am saying we should have had majority control over it, as did norway, and we should have mined it responsibly). none of those overseeing the departure of closer to a trillion, than not, into private hands, and who further oversaw the continual and wreckless lack of sustainability and environmental stewardship, were ndp.
so, “socialism” when it goes to the uppermost of the top 1%, and capitalism when it serves the uppermost of the top 1%.
btw – as socialism is in fact an economic system, as is capitalism, it is quite possible to have socialism with democracy (a political system)…and, capitalism with the likes of oligarchy, fascism, and tyranny. has one had an honest look at who truly runs the circus out there?


Agree 150% Tom…. we have seen the Herald bias all along. “What’s fair for the goose should be fair for the gander” Now let’s wait and see how the Herald responds/acts. AND absolutely agree with the comment as to former City Councillor Miyashiro misbehaved as and bullied not only his fellow Councillors but those residents who went before Council with issues! As for him keeping his role at LSCO, one word, “shame”!