June 16th, 2024

Chinook Trail opposition smacks of NIMBYism

By Lethbridge Herald on March 17, 2023.


With regard to Mark Goettel’s letter of Mar. 10. I have no idea where Mark lives but this opinion smacks of NIMBY syndrome. 

I remember way back when Woolco mall existed on 20 Ave. S. there was a City display with a model under a plastic dome and the Chinook Trail was indicated (although not called that then) on that model.

 When we built in Riverstone 21 years ago, we went to a City open house at the golf course and they presented a plan for Chinook Trail, telling us it would be built within five years. 

My point is, how long has the location been in City planning? The home owners in Chinook Heights and Tudor Estates probably were told about the plans for the crossing when they decided to build. 

So, here we are entering into the actual long overdue planning phase and all of a sudden the affected residents are playing with a ”it will not be there as long as I live here” attitude. 

As for the traffic and noise, have you been to Calgary lately and noticed how they establish barriers to deal with it?

Wayne McGinn


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I had a surveyor’s map of the city from 1984. It showed the 3rd bridge running between Tudor and Chinook Heights. What are we still researching 40 years later? Maybe somebody should go into the city archives, dust off the old paperwork, and get on it. I would love the reduction of traffic on Scenic Drive so I can get in and out of my neighborhood easier.
Let the Lethbridge Country Club members know that they do in fact golf in the city and there will be noise. The proposed bridge runs right along the south edge of they course and the north edge of Paradise Canyons.
Crossing the river, as any farther south would require massive construction due to crossing two coulees not one, and a extra stream. Getting to the south end of Paradise Canyons would require motorists to drive so far that it would be longer than using the existing bridges. Check it out on a online map… it’s crazy how far that becomes.


One only has to have moderate knowledge of who the important people are in the city who reside amongst the comforts of Paradise and Chinook those who flail the hollowed river bottom golf course and those of the travelling sound disturbances in the nooks of Park Royal. Also there is the matter of a developer who wanted to put a 39 lot home development behind the existing Tudor Blvd., which was stopped by the City and reduced to one lot only at this time. However, the access road to this lot is parallel to the proposed trail which will become another matter for discussion. One current councillor wrote a letter in favour of this development while not a member of council. So there are an abundance of issues surrounding “important people” or people who think they are important who will do what’s necessary to block this location. Despite three studies Hyggen wants another one. Please explain. Is the completed proposal for a two lane bridge and not a four lane super speed way????


please ensure that any bridge will be entirely user pay. toll it.


The word is Congestion 24 hour whoop up is not close to CONGESTION. the one time I travelled it to go to imaging going east downthe hill I counted 8 vehicles going west I had 11 cars head of me is that congestion. Go to Calgary travel the bridge roads there talk about congestion them maybe you will get it in your thick sculls what traffic is. Yes a toll bridge would be the answer charged on Whoopup to pay for not needed bridge at this time. Yes the Mayor also promised the $150 million performing Arts Centre next on the list. If you want to get close to the East side of City move there.