June 18th, 2024

How much better would the world be if technology in old Civic VX was standard?

By Lethbridge Herald on March 17, 2023.


Regarding Dale Finley’s letter and the topic of hybrids versus full electric cars. It turns out a gas model of yesteryear likely beats both and this model only cost slightly more than the other versions for sale at the time, unlike both the modern hybrid and electrics. 

In 1992 Honda made a Civic VX. It was the only year they made it.

 This thing routinely achieved 65-70 mpg and it drove like a dream. I know because I owned one. The fuel mileage was so good it was humorous to me and my friends at the time. 

Of course that meant it was my car for all our road trips but $4 of gas from Brandon to Winnipeg meant more dollars for cold beer at the Bomber game!

I digress! The question I would like to have answered is how much better off would the earth be today if this technology became the standard. 

Forget about all the investment in hybrids and electrics – we would not have needed it. So, why only one year for the Civic VX when it proved itself? That question still haunts me. 

Barry Knapp


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Southern Albertan

“Decades of lobbying weakened gas mileage, boosted pain at the pump. The oil and automotive industries, as well as the Koch network, undercut efforts to make today’s fleet more efficient and less reliant on fossil fuels.”

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thanks for a “memorable” letter. it is indeed difficult to fathom that we have had cars for well over a hundred years, and gas mileage remains ever antiquated. looks like there was some money to be made in oil by ensuring the cart was always put before the horse.
then again, not much happens without the blessings of wide-eyed, market -conditioned, indifferent, selfish folk that see their wants as rights, and are wiling to pay up to whatever for an oversized, overpriced, overconsuming envirohazard.

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