June 16th, 2024

Danielle Smith can’t be trusted

By Lethbridge Herald on May 27, 2023.


Letter writer Barrie Orich seems determined to show us how qualified Danielle Smith is to continue on as Premier. Many of Smith’s supporters say she is smart. She is not.

Smart leaders do not say that people who got vaccinated were like sheep in Nazi Germany.

Smart leaders do not try to influence the Minister of Justice and the Attorney General to get their anti-vaxx friends out of legal trouble.

Smart leaders do not let right wing extremist groups like Take Back Alberta have influence over many UCP ridings. And those are the people who put the first UCP candidate in Lethbridge West (forced to resign) and put Jennifer Johnson in Lacombe-Ponoka (mean spirited and misinformed ideas about transgender children—now kicked out of the UCP caucus).

And here is the one that enrages me. Smith said that until a person has reached Stage 4 in their cancer diagnosis they are completely responsible for their condition. 23 years ago my son died from cancer at the age of 16. Was he responsible for osteogenic sarcoma growing in his leg?

It doesn’t matter that she said this and other outrageous things before she was Premier. Anyone who has had cancer or knows a loved one who has suffered from cancer realizes this thoughtless commentary is wrong and incredibly cruel.

Many traditional conservatives are turned off by statements like this and are either switching their vote or not voting at all. 

Don’t get fooled by her smooth radio voice; Danielle Smith represents some of the worst aspects of Alberta extremism.

Allan Wilson


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Dennis Bremner

Time to do some math.
Pierre Poilievre (A) is likely to become the next Prime Minister.
Assuming you believe that to be true, then the only Premier he is endorsing is Smith(B) as Premier (C). In fact he believes Notley is a Trudeau pawn much like her Federal Counterpart.
So assuming you believe that A+B=C, then the choice is more mathematical then emotional

Last edited 1 year ago by Dennis Bremner
Southern Albertan

The big risk for Poilievre endorsing Smith though, is alienating Ontario voters who do not view Smith positively with regard to radical right wing politics. Poilievre, already, is also rating poorly in Quebec.


god help us if we get a demagogue throw back to the dark ages of intolerance a divisive mouth piece like poilievre. not at all a fan of trudeau, and have a hard time feeling any sincerity from jagmeet. the fed election will be a great one for x-ing out the entire ballot so as to avoid legitimising our too undemocratic system and the sleaze that we consistently end up with.


So true. The federal conservatives have become americanized and not the party of past that I supported. Not a fan of Trudeau and never will be of the fed NDP certainly not since Broadbent. I tend to think of myself as a liberal conservative or a conservative liberal. Wish there was a centre party willing to look and work for all Canadians.


i see this quite the same. i also was ok with broadbent and felt he cared about finding better ways forward.

Fedup Conservative

If he does you can bet our Public Health Care system will be gone. It’s the number one mandate of Reformers since day one. Help the rich steal the people’s wealth and make the stupid people pay with privatization that’s their plan and no one cared it out better than Ralph Klein.
Some of us haven’t forgotten Stephen Harper’s pack of lies when Canadians lost $30 billion because of his lies about the Income Trusts. Conservative members of our family got screwed and we will never forget it. . Don’t forget when he tried to force us into a privatized healthcare Canadians kicked him out.
An American cousin of mine has been saying for years. “For Gods sake don’t let anyone destroy your Public Health Care System, trust me you don’t want ours”.
The guy is another Reformer whose only solution to any problem is blame it on someone else. In other words as my conservative friends state’ “He is all mouth and no brains. This guy would be in deep trouble as Prime Minister he won’t have anyone to hurl his sarcastic comments at.” I think they are right.
As much as we aren’t fans of Trudeau we trust him a lot more than Poilievre, we know what reformers have done to this province we don’t want anymore of them. If you think Daniele Smith cares about your well-being you are a damn fool. All she cares about is getting elected and screwing the people with her Reform Party Policies.


Smith is not smart at all. All of her bumbling mistakes are the sign of a narcissistic know it all who knows very little actually. IF she was smart the UCP would win pretty easily but her incompetence scares the hell out of a lot of us.


she can well be trusted if you are big oil/big corp. and if you are a part of the upc in group.

Fedup Conservative

She wants to give them another $20 billion to help clean up the orphan well mess, when they are bragging about record profits and can do it themselves. When I was involved with it for 8 years Lougheed and Getty made the oil industry pay to clean the mess they created. Klein changed all that as this article proves;
“Ralph Klein’s Multibillion Liability About To Blowup In Alberta’s Face”.
It has to the tune of $260 billion and growing. Yet to these ignorant Albertans , mostly seniors, Klein was their hero. Even members of his own family weren’t that stupid they knew what he had done to us.


it is hard to understand how it is so many people support that kind of sleaze. i wish there was a way to separate that ilk out from those of us that appreciate honesty and fairness.


Given the NDP’s fiscal record while in government, only the economically illiterate would support a second opportunity to govern for them.

Fedup Conservative

So you are another one of these fools believing that Notley created the massive oil industry crash in 2014, before she was even elected, that destroyed thousands of jobs, because these phony conservatives told you so, but you have never talked to any lawyers or oilmen about it Right? Did even bother to try to research it?

Fedup Conservative

Give us a list of this financial record, we know you can’t you are just believing the lies these Reformers fed you, right?


i suspect you are capable of deeper thought and reflection than your comment suggests. your comment chooses to overlook the very obvious, that the ndp inherited a fiscal mess, and an environmental mess, each the consequence of prior govts that were above all about lining pockets and taking a to hell with alberta approach. that is to say, they gave it all away to the in group while leaving us a mess to clean up. moreover, the utter neglect of necessary infrastructure needed to be addressed. add to that mess that oil prices had hit absolute rock bottom, and demand for alberta oil was low. but, somehow, you choose to play simple and blame the ndp. and, somehow, it seems you support the present cons in their move to have us pay off the hundreds of billions of cleaning up after the greedy sleazes have already taken vastly more than their fair share.


Obviously many others agreed with you.

Fedup Conservative

We had supper with some friends last night who have relatives who were doctors and once again we hear the story that if Albertans are dumb enough to elect Danielle Smith they will have shown no respect to our doctors and nurses for the way they have been treated by these Reformers and you can bet many will leave leaving us in a horrific mess. Who will be at the greatest at risk? These ignorant seniors who are blindly supporting them of course.
I remember a senior with cancer telling me that he needed an operation but wasn’t able to get it because of what Klein had done. His comments were “I voted for Klein and look what the bastard has done to me”. I told him he should of listened to what some of us were telling him before the election. He didn’t have an answer for that. He died before he got his operation.