June 18th, 2024

A newspaper isn’t packaging and should be exempt from fees

By Lethbridge Herald on June 7, 2023.


This is a follow up letter addressed to Mr. Neudorf, recently re-elected UCP member of the Alberta Legislature. Sir, I previously wrote to you addressing my concerns over the proposed Provincial Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR). 

This EPR is supposed to be for industry funded programs for plastics, packaging, and hazardous household waste. Some provinces, Alberta included, seem to feel a newspaper is a packaging product.

 I believe a paper newspaper is not packaging. Apparently, Ontario agrees and has exempted newspapers from these fees. 

With our leader proposing to only increase Personal Taxes through a referendum (Bill 1), does this mean the UPC is going to start putting even more FEES on everything they can so they can look good at not raising taxes? 

At the time of this letter, Mr. Neufeld was a deputy premier, and I am sure he is fully aware of this proposed fee. I respectfully ask our MLA to respond to this concern as to where he stands on the EPR inclusion of newspapers as packaging.

Earl Barton


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Fees or not raise taxes. Either way you will complain. What do you suggest, freebies for everyone. A lot will disagree with you in that some paper media is packaging. Droppings from the bottom of a birdcage come to mind. I get it, you’re mad at Neudorf as he failed to address the most important person in the world, you!!!!!!