July 14th, 2024

Letter on E.coli issue at Calgary daycares not based on facts

By Lethbridge Herald on September 23, 2023.


In response to the letter to the editor on Saturday, Sept. 16 from Stan Adamus:

First of all, editor, this was one person’s unsubstantiated opinion, with no proof in fact of corporate greed.  I am totally amazed that you published this drivel.

Secondly of all,  Mr. Adamus should go to most of our large local businesses, and ask them “do you have enough qualified staff?”  The answers will be “no”!

Our local businesses, which are trying their utmost to serve their customers as best that they can, while trying to keep their businesses viable, and keep people employed, are struggling to stay afloat, and have even started hiring workers that are now in our community, who can barely understand the bare basics of our language.

Typically, these people are on an entry level position, at whatever they do, and with the lack of total grasp of their new world, they do the best they can.

It falls on local management to communicate to, train, and supervise the people that are under their direct supervision.

Being in the infection control, food safety, and sanitation industry, for many years, here in Lethbridge, I can honestly tell you, that that a lot of the restaurants and bars in this city, are absolutely horrid!

Most of them are owner/managed/operated.

There is only one restaurant that I eat at in all of Lethbridge  because their sanitation is impeccable.

So, in short, Mr. Adamus, if you are outraged at what happened at the daycares, maybe rather than writing  a frivolous  letter to the editor of the Lethbridge Herald, you can do a bit of research, and put your efforts into finding out what the failure was, and getting some answers, rather than pontificating on things that you have no knowledge of in a city, that was not affected!

Kirby Doktor


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John P Nightingale

“I am totally amazed that you would publish this drivel.” Indeed your letter is living proof of your assertion.


Is this letter a justification for health infractions – i.e. the restaurateurs can’t make enough profit? Or is it saying this is a failed system? Either way, I don’t see how it contradicts Mr. Adamus’ letter.

A business sector that doesn’t provide training (to meet basic health codes), while offering jobs that control vulnerable workers through insecurity, is likely to create a situation like the E. coli outbreak.