July 16th, 2024

Middle of a business district the wrong place for a shelter

By Lethbridge Herald on September 23, 2023.


In response to the letter to the editor regarding turning the old Save On Foods store into a homeless shelter. 

Before making that kind of statement, you need to spend some time on 2 A Ave N.

Do more than one walk. go at different times of the day. 

The merchants along there didn`t think there would be that kind of problem when they opened. 

Before a decision is made please consult the business owners about the problem they are having. 

There is a problem in any location, but in the middle of a business location is not a viable solution.   

Sue Kyllo


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Dennis Bremner

Really not sure why that would be necessary? For instance, the new High Acquity unit that just passed Council had one person show up that received the notice. When you have this kind of complacency in Lethbridge from businesses directly affected why should anyone care what businesses are experiencing? Its obviously not enough to show up to stop anything, or even organize yourselves. I tried, it seems if its not in your backyard you would rather stay silent instead rather than assisting other businesses that may suffer the consequences of some of these “housing/shelter facilities”


Who knows what they have been offered by the city. A big buy out with taxpayers money? Laugh when the city says it isn’t going to cost the local payers anything. What kind of a sweet deal did the soup kitchen get?


that leaves residential, or the middle of nowhere as remaining options.


Ever heard of Fresh Start on the jail road?